zaterdag 27 december 2014

Xmassy London!

I was lucky enough to spend the last few days before Christmas with my daughter Eline in one of our favourite cities: London!

We had such a wonderful stay, the weather was perfect for a city trip and to my surprise it was not busy at all (think everyone had finished their Christmas shopping and was waiting for the sales to start on Boxing Day and a lot of the Londoners had already left town for a family stay or a holiday) and therefore also everyone we met was really relaxed and ready to crack jokes!

An impression:




As someone who is interested in (English) history the highlight of the trip for me was a visit to the Houses of Parliament.

Security was tight, the same as at any airport

and understandably we were only allowed to take pictures in the first two spaces,

Westminster Hall:

and St. Stephens Hall:

After that no more picture taking because people were still at work in Parliament (even though Parliament itself was not in session).
We were shown the debating rooms of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, which I had only ever seen on tv and even though we were not allowed to sit on them, we were allowed to walk through the benches and get up close and even touch the despatch boxes in the House of Commons which you will always see at big debates and Prime Minister’s Question Time.

I learnt a lot about the history of the British Parliament, I really enjoyed it!

After this it was time for some more Christmas cheer!

Covent Garden:



A visit to Liberty is always a must!

Because I had booked this trip months ago I was able to get a good deal on a room at our favourite hotel. They did not disappoint, the hotel lobby beautifully decorated

and we loved the view from our room

After a visit to Portobello Road


and a last bit of lunch

it was time to return to the airport

and fly back home for Christmas!

We certainly were in the mood for Christmas after all this and the days themselves were lovely. Hope you had a really nice Christmas too!



10 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful city ! Thanks for sharing those pictures ! What are those things on the fire ?

    1. They are chestnuts being roasted (like in the song..) I don't like the taste of them, but the smell is so wonderful!

  2. Heerlijk om zo alvast in de kerstsfeer te komen en de tamme kastanjes....lekker als ze lauwwarm zijn!

  3. Sfeervolle dagen hebben jullie achter de rug. Zelfs op onze Christmas Fairs kom je geen gepofte katstanjes meer tegen. Jammer de smell alleen al is voldoende!

  4. Wat een heerlijk verslag heb je er weer van gemaakt, het is net of ik zelf weer in Londen loop. Dank dat we zo mee mogen genieten van jullie trip.

  5. How fabulous! The pictures make it look so charming.:) Perfect time of year with all the decorations!

  6. Zo te zien heb je het heerlijk gehad en wat zat je idd. op een mooi plekje in London. En ooh Liberty, ik zou daar zo graag weer een keer naar toe willen.

  7. Lijkt me geweldig, zo net voor Kerstmis naar Londen! Zo te lezen en te zien aan je prachtige foto's hebben jullie het heerlijk naar je zin gehad, en zijn ongetwijfeld helemaal in "the Christmas-mood" gekomen! Een hele fijne jaarwisseling gewenst en groetjes van Ageeth.

  8. Wat geweldig rond de Kerst naar Londen.Jullie hebben weer genoten zo te zien. Ik wens jullie een geweldig 2015.

  9. OOOH, wat heerlijk! Ben in juni 2013 met mijn dochter naar Londen geweest en daar zoooo van genoten. Krijg nu alweer zin :) Denk wel dat als we nog eens gaan dat we ook in kersttijd gaan....bedankt voor de foto's!


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