maandag 8 april 2019

March 2019

So this is the month we really got fed up with winter. It usually does not affect us much health wise, but this winter season has been different. At the end of January we all got the flu (in spite of the Mr. and myself’s yearly flu jabs) and after that we were left with severe coughing fits that just would not go away so in March that meant a trip to the doctor’s for all three of us (including our daughter Eline) and we were all diagnosed with whooping cough!

This really has been the strangest winter health wise, roll on spring!
Things looked like spring at Ans’ when we (Ans, Betty (click) and I ) for our Kleine Bee (Small Bee) as Betty named it. Small but sweet, it was a really nice day filled with colorful fabrics, lovely projects, lots of chatting and a yummy lunch.

Betty was working on one of her own designs, Ans was working on the Vriendinnetjes Ketting (Girlfriends Chain) she started during Betty's workshop in February at Dorry’s (click) and (click)  and I worked on Rosa Biddlecombe (click).

Ans’ and Betty’s cute pincushions on one of Betty’s projects, it certainly was spring on the table 😊 

Both Betty and Ans always spend part of the year in France, where a.o. they find lovely vintage French fabrics. Ans gifted me an adorable piece for a Rosa Biddlecombe block:-

And this is the block I made with it:

It will become a cherished part my Rosa Biddelcombe quilt of which I finished the center,  mostly fabrics from the stash of Margaret Mew (click).

Until next month everyone, thank you for visiting my blog.


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