woensdag 17 februari 2016

Feathergirls Finish #2, 'Oh, Oh, Ohiostars' quilt!

Finished! The Feathergirls finished their second Feathergirls quilts!

When Hubertine (click) and I got our Featherweight sewing machines a few years ago, we decided to work together as The Feathergirls and make quilts that we make (at least patch) on our Featherweight sewing machines, quilts that are inspired by old, antique quilts and that are not too difficult to make, because we want to make these quilts next to other quilts we are making and we just want to have fun with our Featherweight machines.

So for this second Feathergirls quilt, this is my finished ‘Oh, Oh, Ohio Stars’ quilt:

Quilt stats:

Size:  140 cm x 182 cm  / 55“ x 72“
Machine pieced, hand quilted
Fabrics and batting: 100% cotton

Hubertine and I wrote about these quilts in previous posts, if you click on the Ohio Stars label on the right of this blog, you can find my previous posts.

The first Feathergirl quilt I finished you can find in this (click) blogpost.

And have a look at Hubertine’s blog  (click) for all the information on her gorgeous blue and white Churndash quilt!

And yes, now that these are finished we will continue with our third Feathergirl quilts!

This time we have chosen a different approach. Contrary to our previous quilts, this time we will work with a theme.
One thing will not change though, we will not know what the other Feathergirl is making until we meet again as Feathergirls and reveal the start of our new quilts to each other!
The theme for our third Feathergirl quilts will be:

S  * C * R * A * P * S    !!

Can’t wait to get started!

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