maandag 16 juli 2018

June 2018

For the first time since February I spent a whole month at home in June, I was getting used to spending part of the month in France 😊

Having been away more than usual lately meant a lot of gardening needed to be done, I had to catch up with friends I had not seen for a while, non-quilters (no pics) and quilters like Karen (click).

It was in Karen’s beautiful garden I made the last quilting stitches to what will be my baby-Phebe quilt, having decided to just make the center and large applique border.

There was also time to see my friend Lucy (click). Lucy and I decided to catch up during a visit to beautiful Leiden and the great exhibition at the Textile Research Center in Leiden (click). We were there 2 days before the exhibition closed, so you probably already saw pictures of it, but if you did not or would like to see a bit more, here are mine:-

The weather was glorious, it had been a long time since we had so many sunny and warm days in a row, so a lot of time this month was spent outdoors, on terraces, having drinks, dinner and meeting people, not a lot of quilting being done.

Evenings on the beach….

Although not everyone was captivated by that gorgeous sunset….

Well, they are both soccer fans and it was the World Cup after all 😉

A time and a place for everything, I guess !

Enjoy the summer, we certainly are,


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