dinsdag 28 mei 2013

I could not resist...


After making the orange crochet crowns in April I found I really liked crochet, so I wanted to do some more. And guess what? I think I found a new addiction!

I got these at Echtstudio during the grand opening of their store last Saturday and what a fun day that was!

At noon exactly Kim, the owner, cut through the ribbon

and in we all went, it was busy, busy!

<3  the colours!

A beautiful old cabinet filled with little goodies like pendants, beads, etc. to use for your crochet projects.

Of course it did not take me long to fill up my basket

Nice goody bag with my purchase

What will I do with my lovely cottons? Granny squares!

This will be a nice project for the summer time (am sure summer will happen, even if it is just for one day…) and while I am quilting my Jacob’s Ladder. And now that I have found crochet as a nice diversion from quilting that ripple blanket will happen too sometime….
The week before – during the few hours of sunshine we had -  I kept myself busy with cleaning the garden furniture , which went from this

to this:

Always such a gratifying job, even though my back doesn’t think so!
Recently we spent a nice afternoon on the ‘Pure Markt’ in The Hague, where we found some great stalls with nice food (even though we watch our weight, we are foodies), like
English pies
French breads with herbs

Surinam barra’s, freshly fried by a very cheerful gentleman

Falafal and couscous salad

French butcher

And last but not least, the first time I had this in The Netherlands: pulled pork!
Look at those huge American bbq’s!

It was delicious, great thing about this: they did not put a lot of sauce on it, so you could really taste that beautiful meat!

Well, the sun is out, better enjoy some of it, it never lasts long over here,

off to the garden now!

woensdag 15 mei 2013

Jacob's Ladder top finished!

Yes!! I finished my Jacob’s Ladder top! And I am really happy with how it turned out. I love the pattern (of course), but now that all the blocks have come together I also love the way that it looks with all the colors and different fabrics. Each fabric appears just once in the quilt, so as there are 63 blocks, 126 different fabrics were used.

Making this top has taught me a lot about machine patching and my black Featherweight, The Duchess, which was the reason for making this quilt in the first place. Also for my fellow Feathergirl, Hubertine, since we both got our Featherweights at about the same time, we decided to do this project and go through the learning process together.
In all those blocks of course there are some favourites, one is right in the middle, the light blue block, not only made of sweet fabrics, but I was allowed to pull them from the stash of my fellow Feathergirl, who should show you her result today as well.
As soon as I can I will sandwich this quilt and then machine quilt it. That will be a learning process too, I have only ever once machine quilted a quilt. I will not do the machine quilting on The Duchess but on my Pfaff. It is a broader machine and will therefore give me more space while I am quilting.
Will show you pictures when I get to that stage.
Thanks for stopping by,

maandag 6 mei 2013

Veldhoven quilt show 2013

Yesterday I was at the quilt show in Veldhoven. I saw some beautiful things and met some lovely people:
By Petra Prins:

Of course her stand was beautiful too

Centre of a quilt by Petra Prins, appliqued tree of life

And by Di Ford

It was great to have Di sign my copy of her book, such a nice lady and such a gifted quilter


So much inspiration!

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