maandag 28 oktober 2013

A workshop and a wonky star update

On Saturday Hubertine and I went to a workshop at Dorry’s lovely shop Quilt It & Dotty to learn about the quilt-as-you-go technique which we both want to use for our Jules quilts. I always love going to Dorry’s shop, had not been there is a while, this is one of the first things you see when you enter:

This was my view into the shop during the workshop:

and my view of the floor…love that floor!

Lovely quilts everywhere

The workshop was great, the technique was explained very clearly by Dorry, so we can move forward now with our Jules quilts (as if we don’t have enough to do…)

Last week at home I did some more work on Eline’s star quilt:

I decided – rather than keep the blocks separate with solid sashings – to use the sashings in between the star blocks to make more stars. This way there will be an extra row of stars added in between the rows already there. More work, but worth it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

Some serious artwork

This week was a mid-term school holiday week, so while Eline stayed home with Whopper Onno and I got to spend a day together in Amsterdam. We went to the refurbished Rijksmuseum and it is a good thing we are early birds, because already early in the morning it was soooo busy!


We headed straight for Rembrandt’s Night Watch (which I had never seen before) and look at the crowd already there!

Eventually we did manage our way to the front, I have better pictures than this one, but this one – as it is taken from the side and it shows one of only two ladies guarding the painting (!) – gives you a good idea of the size of the painting.

Apart from the Rembrandt paintings also the Vermeer paintings drew real crowds and no wonder, from up close I loved these:


Another favourite of mine that day, the Threatened Swan by Jan Asselijn, apparently the very first painting the museum every acquired

And this, Festoon of Fruit and Flowers by Jan Davidsz de Heem

Also this selfportrait by Vincent van Gogh, amazing from up close


The museum has much more to offer than paintings, like the doll’s houses. The crowds over here made it difficult to make pictures, so I only have pictures of parts of one house. See that reception room on the second floor? Those walls were paintings made with oil paint! And those very small Delft blue plates in the kitchen on the ground floor!

Unlucky for me the library was closed, I did so want to see that (love libraries), so I could only take a picture through the glass door.

And those Delft blue tulip vases, I love these! Can you imagine these with red tulips in spring?!

Not only were the artworks impressive and so beautiful, so is the building itself (it was my first visit, I never went before the refurbishment)

The view from the restaurant


We had to laugh too, look at this Meissen porcelain monkey, who does it remind you of:


Yes, we named this the Miley Cyrus monkey!

And this drawing by Appel reminded us of …

Yes, Whopper!

And obesity….. not a 21st century thing at all!

By 12.30 it had become too busy for (our) comfort, time to head out for a nice lunch at the Café Luxembourg


Home made tomato soup, veal croquet, home made Russian salad (huzarensalade) with fried parsley and some pickles, yum!

It was a very enjoyable day!

Quilt wise, I worked on Phebe ....after taking off some of the borders, redoing the dogtooth borders and reattaching those and the applique borders, she lies  f l a t !

So now finally I can go ahead with Phebe and give her applique borders more applique!


woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Update x 3

After packing up my Phebe quilt months ago (remember this?) I finally had the courage to take off those borders and redo them …….  you see, at the time when I had mitered the corners of the applique border I found that there was  way too much fabric there

So ….. the borders had to come off

Then I found the problem was in those dogtooth borders, so they had to come off too

And they had to be redone.. a bit of a boring job so I did it while chatting to a friend, which was not a good idea…


To keep my spirits up I have also made a plan to put together Eline’s star quilt and am making rows now, hope it comes out the way I want it, more on that later…


Have also decided how to put my granny squares together… with pink! A bright pink seems to be the color that can pull everything together, so I will crochet an extra row of pink on each square before putting them all together.

Loads of time recently to work on these projects with all that rain outside, but when the sun is out the garden looks like this & I love those red leaves

Likewise Whopper is enjoying the sun when it is there, he is always looking for that spot in the living room where he can catch some sunrays

Time to get back to all my projects, have fun with yours this week, now, which one shall I start with first?

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