woensdag 20 februari 2019

January 2019, a finish!

January was a bit of a quiet month, but not by choice.

For the first time in decades and in spite of getting the flu jab every year I fell ill… with the flu. Nasty. Because of the flu and a few snow days I had to cancel a few dates I had with quilt friends, so nothing to write about in that respect but then I thought…. I had not yet posted a quilt I finished a while ago (yes, I do finish something now and then😉  )

So here it is:  tadaaaaaahhh! My King George quilt or as I call it: Royal Circles.

Quilt stats:

Name: Royal Circles
Pattern: King George III by Susan Ambrose
Size: 55”x 73”  or 1.40 m. x 1.85 m.  
Method: hand piecing, hand quilting
Fabric: 100% cotton
Batting: 100% cotton

I enjoyed making this quilt very much, the pattern is perfect, the circles came together beautifully without any problems.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, hopefully more quilty fun in February,


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