maandag 23 februari 2015

Feathergirls 2.0, high time for an update!

Has it really been this long?! It must be, the last Feathergirls blogpost is from July 14 of last year, so it is high time for an update.

You may remember Hubertine and I finished our first Feathergirls quilts last year and showed them here (Hubertine, click) and here (mine, click).

And we already started our new Feathergirls quilts (Feathergirls 2.0, so to speak) , I blogged about my new Feathergirls project here(click) and here (click) and Hubertine blogged about hers here (click)and here (click).

Since we felt it was high time for an update Hubertine and I got together for a Feathergirl’s afternoon, we had planned to do some sewing….
But since it had been a while since we saw each other we wound up just chatting the afternoon away, but we did make some nice pictures in her new wonderful, bright en cozy sewingroom
J !

Anyway this is where I am at, all Ohio Star blocks finished, nicely sorted out in little piles, I found I made two too many, they may come in handy later on with the label, we’ll see.

On my designwall they looked like this

Since my first Feathergirls quilt (the Jacob’s Ladder quilt) was already a quilt with straight quiltblocks I decided to turn my Ohio Stars blocks and place them on point, so now I have this:

How to proceed from here? I have a large piece of a dark fabric that I really wanted to use and it is perfect for this project, to use as alternate blocks for the light and colourful Ohio Star block:

So that is what I will do!

You can have a look here (click) at Hubertine’s blog for her Feathergirls 2.0 update.

Promise a next update will not take this long!


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