donderdag 31 januari 2013

Supergoof Trunkshow

Earlier today I went to the Ingrid’s (Supergoof) trunkshow at the Hertog-Inn Bed &Breakfast run by Karen.

Unfortunately it was raining outside, so no outdoors pictures, but inside it was cosy and warm and after a good cup of coffee (and sweet treats for the other ladies, I declined, watching my weight at the moment), we were ready for Ingrid, her quilts and her stories.

The quilts were patiently waiting in baskets….

And one by one, Supergoof showed her quilts and told the stories behind them:


The famous Klosjes quilt that started a klosjes craze in the quilt world

Her Dear Jane quilt

Her thimble quilt, 6552 (!)tiny thimbles, this one started another craze in the quilt community

Some great fabrics in there!

So many tiny pieces in this one

Lovely labels

What a wonderful pile of quilts!

And this is one of the things that she is working on now.  There were many more quilts and just in case you didn’t know this yet, she does everything by hand, patchwork, applique, broderie perse and quilting,  e v e r y t h i n g !

Dorry was there as well with some goodies from her shop, this is how nice it looked before we all went shopping J !

And we were well looked after by Karen in the lovely kitchen of her Bed and Breakfast, look what we saw there….ahhhhhh……Aga!!

Ingrid, it was great to see you again, listen to your stories, see and touch your quilts again (soooo soft) and Karen, can’t wait to come here again to one of your Quiltcafedays!


zondag 27 januari 2013

Bloggers Bee Day

Oh, I had a great day yesterday, I was invited to the second Bloggers Bee Day with Hubertine.

More of those present have and will blog about it, so you can see pictures there as well, so I will just say it was wonderful, I enjoyed meeting new people, seeing their work, enjoying their food (pot luck lunch), receiving their presents (thanks Carina, Lida and Yvonne) and sharing tips and jokes. Here are some pictures:

A big, big Thank You to Yvonne, Rennie and the other girls of the Stitchinbitches!


dinsdag 22 januari 2013


Or should I call this blog post ‘Disappointment’?
I spent quite some time putting the first borders on the centre piece of my Phebe quilt. And then the third border… and then this….look.. too much fabric.. it will not lie flat.

The problem must be in the dogtooth border, I did not notice it when I put that on and I can just kick myself for it. Classic mistake. It will all have to come off and be redone, but I just cannot get myself to do it right now. So Phebe is shelved for a while, while I find the courage redo those borders…..

Meanwhile of course there was s*n*o*w, which DH and myself don’t like (we must be the only Dutch persons who feel this way), but which Whopper loves. When he is inside he can’t get enough of it

And when he is outside he just runs and jumps and eats the snow and looks really annoyed when he has to sit still for a second so I can take a picture.

With Phebe shelved, I turned to another project, the King George III quilt and made the circle of the 4th block.

I piece the centre circle of the block, but wonder if there is anybody who appliques these and if that is any better. The block does lie flat, no problem there, just wondering.

So I now have 4 circles of the King George III quilt, on to # 5.

And – very therapeutic – I started cleaning out my cabinet with fabrics and books. I am de-stashing , look for it over here the coming weeks.


zondag 13 januari 2013

New Year's resolutions

I don’t really have any, do you?! I just plan to have as good a time as I can, spending time with loved ones, friends, enjoying good food, the occasional tipple and of course a lot, an awful lot of patchwork and quilting, yesss!

What I have always loved at the beginning of a new year is that brand new diary, putting fresh ink in my fountain pen and writing in those special dates first, birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc.  The next dentist appointment always comes last for some reason …..

The Americans have very many special days in their calendar, some of my favourites: National Margarita Day (February 22), National Cheesecake Day (July 30) and National Fried Chicken Day (July 6)!  This is all bit of fun but today I came across one that made a lot of sense to me:

Visit YourLocal Quilt Shop Day!

January 24 appears to be the day, but let’s face it, any day will do. Let’s support our quilt shops this year, let’s give this economic crisis a good kick up the old ‘behind’ and buy a bit here and there if you can as a thank you to the people in the quilt shops for always helping us out, supplying us with cups of coffee, tea and sympathy, cookies, fun and inspiration!

Always room for a few more fq’s !

First bee date was at mine last week, I thought a few bubbles where in order, to make those stitches go more fluently…

A bit more on quilting next blogpost, did not get a lot done over het Xmas period and right now my evenings are taken up by watching this with DH and DD, all 20 hours of it:

Missed it when it was on tv (too late in the evening for us), but it is great!

‘See’ you soon,

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