woensdag 18 maart 2015

A bit of patchwork, a bit of culture and a few apologies

With the weather feeling like spring has arrived I spent hours gardening, (doesn’t a garden look like a mess at the end of winter? )but luckily there was also time for other things.

Time for some patchwork,  this is where I am at with my Feathergirls 2.0 quilt:


It may look that way but the top is not finished yet, am looking for fabrics for the borders at the moment.

 There was also time to for some culture:

The Late Rembrandt exhibition at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.



Go to this exhibition if you can, unfortunately when we were there it was very busy, too busy to our liking, but still we were so glad we went.

I was really moved by this painting, one of the most beautiful (maybe the most beautiful) paintings I have ever seen, I could look at it for hours….. If this exhibition were in my hometown I would definitely go back just for this one..

This painting does not only show us this lady with all her life’s experiences etched in her face, I think it says so much about the Rembrandt himself, where he was in his life at the time he painted this, all the difficulties he had experienced. He could not have painted this lady in this way without that.

It was so special to be able to see it from up close, so close…..


After the exhibition time for some light heartedness, the ’12 – o’clock’(‘twaalf uurtje’) at our regular lunch restaurant when we are in Amsterdam

A walk through the famous ‘nine small streets’ (‘9 straatjes’)  of Amsterdam we came across a dog in a store who had made himself very comfortable! Easy to see which place this dog takes in his owner’s life!

And this place had just opened, the Nutella Bakery! Just filled with products made with Nutella. Death by Nutella, I call it…. I love Nutella!


A few days later there was this (some of you may have seen this on my FB page or IG feed).

I wanted to enter the Bijenkorf department store in The Hague when the revolving door suddenly stopped, causing me to bump into the glass with a bang. I know these doors and they are always rather irritating, but this was not normal, so I went straight up to their client services desk and complained. They apologized and offered me a voucher for free coffee and cake in their restaurant. Later on in the week they called me to apologize again and to inform me that the door was indeed faulty and had now been repaired. And then, a few days after this arrived:

Now isn’t that really nice and customer friendly!

Say it with flowers!

And enjoy this beautiful spring weather!



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