maandag 12 augustus 2013

Ah, this summer!

Is just lovely, isn’t it? The sun, sometimes the rain, the great temperatures, sometimes a bit too hot, but still, I love it.

So do my strawberries

But then so do the birds, they looooove my strawberries! We usually only get to eat a few they have left for us J .

This summer I bought Zoku cups and Eline and I have become addicts. We put all sorts in there: strawberry lemonade with strawberries, pureed fruit with yoghurt for fruit smoothies, chocolate milk… in less than 10 mins it freezes and we have slush, frozen smoothie or some really good frosty, mushy chocolate stuff, yum!!


My summerprojects?
Eline’s wonky stars so far:


Eline’s granny squares so far:

And remember this wonderful quilt from two blogposts ago?

I wrote I did not make it, but I didn’t know who did at the time. Well, now I do, it was made by Nicolette and this (click) is her blog.
Love this, her version of a Dear Jane quilt is so different and cheerful!
Enjoy the summer!



donderdag 1 augustus 2013

No summer break

Many bloggers are taking a summer break from blogging, quite understandably, since there is less going on right now. 
No bee’s, no exhibitions and this summer (finally, after some bad ones) I find it often too hot to quilt or crochet. So for me no blog break, just less and shorter blog posts from me this summer.

When it is not too hot I am working on both my summer projects:

Eline’s wonky stars quilt:

And my granny squares, which Eline has claimed as well now, once the throw is finished, she has asked if she can have it in her room. Of course she can.

And recently my husband picked this up for me when he had to go to Zutphen (where Petra’s shop is), now I finally have my copy of this gorgeous book:

And signed by both An and Petra:

‘See’ you in a bit & enjoy the summer!

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