donderdag 1 november 2018

October 2018

What a way to celebrate a birthday!

Having met Margaret Mew for the first time last year in Nantes, we hit if off straight away and I was so happy that when we met her again later that year in Houston with Emma (click), Emma was able to organise for Margaret to come and teach at her shop in Gauchy…… and on my birthday of all days!!

So once again I was off to France, unfortunately my husband who was planning to join me had to cancel due to work commitments, but I was not alone, Margaret was my travel companion and with during the train rides we had hours to chit-chat before arriving at Emma’s lovely house, which by now feels like a second home to me.

Straight away next morning, Margaret started her 2-day workshop (‘no rest for the wicked’  as they say 😉 ) at Emma’s shop, during those two days the shop was a beehive of activity

The second day Emma had organised a wonderful celebration of my birthday. Emma, Olivier and all the ladies in the boutique certainly know how throw a party!

I was touched not only to receive lovely gifts from Emma and her family but also from some of the ladies I see each time at Emma’s boutique, merci beaucoup Francoise et Annick <3.

It was a truly memorable birthday and seeing the pictures again, it certainly looked it.
I thank everyone and am grateful to everyone who made this day so special for me.

The partying went on in the evening time and both at Emma’s home and in town Margaret and I shared a glass or two (or so) of something nice.

So it was good that the next day was a day for some r&r for Margaret, just sewing, chatting and enjoying the good things of the French country side, baguettes from a local bakery, freshly picked lavender and lots of sunshine in Emma’s large garden. And left-overs from that yummy birthday cake!

The gorgeous weather gave us the idea to photograph the quilts Margaret had brought with in Emma’s garden:-

It was a wonderful relaxed day which ended way too soon, next day Margaret had to leave for her next destination, hugs, hugs, hugs all around, it was such a joy to spend time with Margaret a lovely, warm and kind lady, with a great sense of humor and her quilts, oh, so inspiring!

I got to spend another day sewing and finishing that yummy birthday cake at Emma’s before I too had to leave (the applique bird is Emma's work).

I will miss this beautiful part of the world (the view from 'my' window in the morning):

On the train back home to the Netherlands, not as busy and packed as we are used to

And back home – nothing to do with my birthday - , there was another, unexpected present waiting:

As I was unable to attend the workshop by Linda (click)  at Marcha’s (click) in September due to my operation, Annemiek (click),  Linda  and Marcha kindly send me the pattern of the pouchette that was subject of the workshop and Simply Vintage magazine it appeared in so that I was at least in on part of the fun.
Much appreciated this thoughtful gift, thank you ladies.
But if I can ever make that pouchette without help…? I am not that clever with these kind of things, but I as I know some of the participants I may ask them for their help in the future.

I almost forgot, some of the sewing this month consisted of 4 new circles of the Sugar Plum pattern by Judy Newman(click)

A lot to look back on this October month, thank you for visiting my blog,

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