maandag 25 maart 2013

Technical stuff...

To my surprise it has been about 2 weeks since my last blogpost!

Partly due to computer problems (which have not completely been solved yet…L ) and really, there was not a lot to blog about.

Busy with Eline who this week has to chose the subjects she wants to study for the next years of her secondary education and her final exams in a few years time.

‘Busy’ complaining about the weather, although we are lucky, incredibly cold but no snow as in parts of the US or the UK.

Busy with my Jacob’s Ladder, made these blocks, just 6 more to go and I can start putting the top together…

These two blocks will get a special place in the quilt, the fabrics were gifts from her.
And unfortunately, I have had to put the word verification on for comments on my blog. I am really sorry, I know it is such a pain, but since a few weeks I have been receiving a lot of spam on my blog via the Comments. This started after a few weeks ago I made one (1!) blogpost using Google Chrome rather than my usual Windows Explorer L

And since I am not interested in buying “steroids” or “Viagra” from ‘Anonymous’,  I thought I’d try and keep things as clean as possible by putting on the word verification.
I do hope it will not stop you from leaving a comment, I love hearing from you and I really, really appreciate each and every comment, thank you!

Then I read that  Google Reader will stop in a few months, I never used it, but I read a lot of users are changing over to Blog Lovin, so I thought I’d try it out and it’s great! I find it really easy to use (and I am not an IT-wizzard). For those who are still on Google Reader and are looking for a replacement, try it out, it even gives you a special option to transfer your Google Reader feed in one go and I have read that works.

Sorry about this rather boring post, but sometimes that’s all there is…. Enjoy your week & one thing about this cold: it’s great quilting weather!


woensdag 13 maart 2013

It was spring...

And  it was last Monday,  March 4.

I enjoyed that day, the first day of spring always sees me spring cleaning, and I always start on the windows.

After that I earned my first latte in the sun outside of the season, on the bench in front of the house, with the sun shades down, lovely!

Even sewing inside is so nice, with the sun shining in and the windows open, I finished more circles of the King George III

Last week there was also another day of sewing on my Jacob’s Ladder with fellow Feathergirl, Hubertine…. and her cat Teun!

Some of the blocks of my Jacob’s Ladder, altough I am not a big fan of green,  somehow this green block has become one of my favourites in that quilt.

Monday night was bee night again this time at Anita’s, the bowl on her table looked very wintry and Xmassy with the four candles, but it was filled with chocolate Easter eggs, maybe it was inspired by the strange weather we are having
because this morning, walking with Whopper, I took this picture, apparently we have just had the coldest March night e*v*e*r, - 13C/8.6F in some places….

I am ready for some more spring and sunshine, how about you?


zondag 3 maart 2013

Feathergirls update, a doggy dental visit and more

A few days ago my fellow Feathergirl Hubertine came over so we could check the progress on our Feathergirls quilts.

I laid out my Jacob’s Ladder blocks so far:
Getting somewhere! I want to make 63 blocks, 7 x 9, so not that far to go anymore.
Piles of goodness!
This week saw the midterm school holiday in our area, unfortunately my 15-year old daughter, Eline spent the beginning of the week ill on the couch, wrapped in a quilt.
She missed joining me for this: Whopper’s dental appointment!

“I’m having none of this, what are you doing?!”
“Uhm, actually, Linda, this doesn’t taste that bad after all!”
(Chicken flavoured toothpaste!)
“Tineke, I’ve been a good boy, can I have my goodie bag now?”
And what a great goodie bag it was!
Seriously, this was a free instruction at our vet’s office to show you how to take care of your dog’s teeth, great initiative, Linda and Tineke were great with him.
Later on in the week Eline had recovered enough for a shopping trip to Rotterdam, where we had a great lunch at Bazar, one of our favourite restaurants there, love the interior:
Even though it was lunchtime we went for the breakfast Bazar, which they serve almost all day:
After lunch we went to this:
Really worth the visit, a very interesting exhibition! You are allowed to take pictures, but I won’t show them here, you should really go and see for yourself if you have the chance.
Have a nice week!

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