maandag 28 augustus 2017

A superduper Dawn & Dorry day!

In so many ways a wonderful day this Saturday.

After a drive of almost 2 hours I arrived at Dorry’s farm/shop when the first thing that I always notice when I arrive there is how wonderfully quiet it is. I always take a few moments to take that in.

Then it was on to the house for the Hexagon Event with Dawn Cook Ronningen (click).

The last time Dawn was in our country we spent a wonderful day looking at her beautiful quilts at my house and then visited Delft, so it was wonderful to see her again and meet her husband Mike, who is travelling with her this time.

Dorry (click) had – as usual- made the most of her AGA and had lots of yummy things waiting for us.

Many familiar faces arriving, always great to meet up again with so many fun and sweet quilters.
All in all it was a great, fun, inspirational, creative, yummy day with gorgeous weather, lovely people, great food, beautiful surroundings, lots of stories and lots of laughs.

An impression:

At Dorry’s

Just a few of the antique hexagon quilts that Dawn showed, pictures published with the permission of Dawn:

Some of the quilts were so thin you could see through them

And some quilts/tops still had paper pieces in them, a bit of history

And last but certainly not least, Dorry’s own antique hexagon quilt on the wall in her living room

A yummy lunch provided by Dorry and her mum

Then it was on to the workshop, a great package was waiting for us so we could start sewing really quickly

In between lots of other things going on like Betty (click) taking pictures of her beautiful quilt

Like I said, it was a superb day, also via this blogpost I would like to thank everyone involved again for making it so memorable.

Back to the hexies later today!


vrijdag 25 augustus 2017

A dry spell...

A dry spell this summer….. I don’t mean the weather, but unfortunately all to do with regarding patchwork and quilting.

As mentioned in my previous post my time, attention and energy was needed for other things this summer, but with some of those things coming to an end now I have recently found some time to return to my sewing.

This was no doubt helped by a stay by Emma and her children for a few days last week during which Emma and I had a few blissful hours discussing and looking at projects together.

Sooooo…. I went back to quilting my King George quilt again, here’s block 1 in the hoop

And also two weeks ago I was able spend a few hours at a workshop at the Quilterspaletquiltshop in my home town for my first ever hexie English paper piecing project.  We made this cute, little pouch

which was great for me, because even in the limited time that I had available then I was able to finish it the next weekend. And I found I really had fun with those hexies… to be continued!


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