dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

When you read this.....

… I will be in one of these…..

….on my way to…

…. this….

I cannot wait!
Since it is the Ruby Jubilee (40th edition) of the Quilt Festival the organisers promised wonderful exhibitions and from what I have seen from those who are already at Quilt Market now and are watching the exhibitions being installed, they were not kidding.
I hope to be able to take a lot of pictures to post when I return.
At the Quilt Festival there are always exhibitions where you are not allowed to take pictures, some years there are more of these exhibitions than other years, so we’ll have to see what is allowed, hopefully a lot!

In the meantime (for the next 1,5 weeks approx.) I will be so busy I will not have the time to read blogs or FB so will also not be commenting on posts.
Sorry about that.
See you back here in a few weeks!

dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

When you have nothing to blog about....

…then don’t blog.

Well, that is what I think, so it was a little quiet here.

Not that I haven’t been busy, I have, but with things I did not care to blog about, so it has been a few weeks since my last blogpost.

Also, unfortunately, I did not have much time to stitch, but I did find time to square up 3 blocks of my King George III quilt, so here they are:
Block 1:
Block 2:

Block 3:
And I attended a workshop at the Quilterspalet, all about the Marti Michell templates. I found these really handy and apart from learning about these, Evy gave a few tips to improve my way of using the rotary cutter, very helpful indeed!

On non-quilt related matters, we visited the new Markthal in Rotterdam and were impressed. What a great building! And the artwork on the ceiling!

Those square windows you see …. They are from apartments, people actually live there! And are able to look down at all the hustle and bustle down there.

Silly us, we went two days after the Markthal officially opened, so it was just too busy to really enjoy the place and look at all the market stalls with food. We were lucky to find a place at the Vietnamese stall, where we enjoyed a lovely Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) , but other than that we did not stand a chance. But I will return soon!
Also – sort of food related – Onno and I attended a coffee tasting workshop at our local Nespresso Boutique and we were amazed. We learned so much about not just the taste of coffee, but also its origins and the way Nespresso conducts its business (Fairtrade) , now I understand why politically correct George Clooney is in their tv commercials, I always wondered about that….

Early October it is my birthday, a quiet affair, but I was spoilt with lovely presents from friends and family and my better half surprised me with a gorgeous, huge bunch of red roses.
The roses lasted for nine (!) days, I could not resist another picture of the last day, look how big they had become!
This week it’s a school holiday week over here, so I will be spending time with my teenager (shopping…) , hopefully I will find some time to stitch as well…  and you do too!
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