dinsdag 18 juni 2013

A new project

Now that my Jacob’s Ladder top is finished (and I haven’t started quilting her) I have started a new project on my regular sewing machine, a project that was long overdue.

My daughter Eline (15 years) has been asking me for ages now to make her a quilt, only rather than the more muted colors I usually like to work with, she prefers bright colors and modern fabrics.

So last year during our summer holiday in the US Eline and I hit the quiltshops we happened to pass and bought lovely bright fabrics. Also my fellow bee members assisted with giving me brightly colored scraps. Most notably Anita, where Eline and I spent a lovely afternoon going through boxes of her scraps. We came away with a bag full of colorfull stuff, a big ‘thank you’ is in order here.

Eline chose wonky stars as a pattern she would like, such a fun and easy pattern. I am using this tutorial. So now I am chain-piecing, chain-piecing, making stars, making stars.

I am enjoying it very much, it is great to be working with such different fabrics than I have been using up till now.

Together with the crochet project I started a few weeks ago and which is coming along nicely, it will be a colorful summer I think.

At the moment it is hot, at last, but the weather has been really nice lately anyway. That makes all the little animals in my neighbourhood come out, especially early in the morning when I walk Whopper and before our roads are filled with children and parents on their bicycles going to school. In the early morning we have more bicycles than cars on the roads here, which doesn’t scare these animals away.
These two little friends can always be found in the little playground (which I now call bunny hill) in the morning….


Sometimes the larger white rabbit is with a little black one these days….. his/her baby??

Hopping with us to the next corner each morning is this little friend,  making a lot of noise too, I think he/she is trying to protect his nest which must be nearby, the little birdies have not flown out yet, maybe this week.



I love these early mornings with the sun just out, don’t you?


Enjoy the upcoming summer days!




maandag 17 juni 2013

Claiming my blog via Bloglovin' post

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/5267481/?claim=dmzw58m5yfz">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

You can follow my blog now via Bloglovin'

More fun stuff in a later post!

Enjoy your day,

woensdag 5 juni 2013

The good and the bad

Yesterday fellow Feathergirl Hubertine and myself had a chance to see our  Feathergirl projects together as finished tops:

My Jacob’s Ladder top was already sandwiched with the help of quilt friend and fellow bee member Anita at her terrace (it was a bit windy, so we needed some boxes to keep everything from flying away), she has become an ace at this and her help is very much appreciated, Hubertine’s quilt will follow at a later date



Anita has no blog, such a shame, she makes wonderful, beautiful, mostly modern quilts and many of them too…
The granny squares are coming along nicely too, I am enjoying making them very much
I needed the distraction of this crochet project because a few weeks ago a strange spot behind my left ear was diagnosed as skin cancer and had to be removed promptly. That left me looking like this

Last week, luckily, I got the all clear, it was all removed, so after my appointment at the clinic I treated myself to a nice latte at nearby Pierre’s in Rotterdam, to …. exhale………….

My new found love for crochet seems to have an effect on Hubertine, she has now started her own granny square project, so yesterday we shared a nice afternoon in the garden with balls of cotton yarn, crochet hooks and fruit shakes

The afternoon was followed by a healthy, slimline dinner, I made a recipe I found at David’s blog (click for the recipe) not so long ago and which has become a favourite our household since: prawn curry in coconut milk:
This weather may hold for a few more days, enjoy it!


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