donderdag 1 februari 2018

January 2018

Looking back on this month the highlight of the month definitely was the Dodecagon workshop by Margaret Sampson-George.  

This picture says it all, 

Such an inspiring, warm, cozy, memorable day.

It may have taken me 4 trains to get to Zutphen, but with a travel time of 2 hours I beat those who unfortunately arrived too late, because the trip by car from close to where I live myself had taken them 3 hours!

When I arrived everything was ready and looked so inviting

We were ready to start!

Ah, Margaret, first time I met her, a lovely lady and lovely quilts! 
Her quilts really lifted my spirits in these grey-sky days

 After lessons from Margaret

It was time to start ourselves

A day that ended much, much too soon, Betty and I had a hard time letting go 😊


 Earlier in January I made my final quilting stitches on my King George quilt

So now I have to find the right binding fabric for it and make a label to finish it, hopefully soon.


Finishing the quilting on the King George meant I could un-box another ufo….. Phebe!

I really want to finish this one in some way, I already spent so many hours on it and I still love the pattern by Di Ford, but I will not finish it in the way she designed it, just too much work. 
Once I have finished with the applique and second sawtooth border I must have a good think to see what will be next for my Phebe….
So far I worked on the upper corners 

It had been some time since I did applique, really nice to get back to it.

Thank you for visiting,

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