maandag 4 juni 2012

Featherweight Day

Of course it was a great day. After much buzz on various blogs finally it was Featherweight Day at Atelier Bep in Hall. Organised by Bep and Jeannet a lot of Featherweight lovers arrived at Bep’s for a day of Featherweight fun.
An impression:

When Hubertine and I arrived we were welcomed by a rather wet crowd…

There was a small project Bep had prepared for us

Ladies with Featherweights everywhere, in the kitchen:

in the living room:

Mr De Bruijn told how us how to take care of our Featherweights

Lunch: very tasty homemade lentil soup

The Duchess at work

Jeannet gave a show & tell of her wonderful quilts

As did some other quilters. Josephine’s colourful quilts:

Hubertine’s warm colours:

Janny is working on a great ‘huisjes’quilt:

The best seat in the house!

We were in Featherweight heaven!

I really have to thank a lot of people for this great day:
Thank you Caro for supplying us with your lovely Featherweight X-stitch pattern, thank you Bep and Jeannet for organising this day, it was soooo much fun & thank you Bep & family for your wonderful hospitality!

Until next time!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Het as heel erg gezellig Phyllis, gezellie ook dat jullie tegenover ons zaent aan tafel, vast een dag voor hrthaling vatbaar.

  2. Jaaa, het was gezellig, he? Ik heb genoten, en de volgende keer ben ik ook weer bij!

    Groetjes Debby

  3. Heerlijk om al jullie blogs te lezen, wat een geweldige dag was het. En wat een prachtige quilts werden er weer geshowed. Kan je weer even op teren!

  4. Ook al zo'n leuk logje over gisteren. Het was super. Ik ben vandaag aan 't 'afkicken'.

    groet, Heleni

  5. Het was inderdaad heerlijk, heb jij je ook al voor de volgende ingeschreven?



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