vrijdag 7 september 2012

Oh, Oh, Then Haak

Yesterday evening was concert night for us again, months ago we purchased tickets for the Coldplay concert on the Malieveld in our home town The Hague, it turned out to be a great evening.

The wonderful weather (dry, no wind, 16 c/ 60 F, a lovely September evening), a great band on good form, a well organised event (thanks city of The Hague, proud of my hometown), made for a mellow crowd of some 65.000 people, enjoying a great, great night together.

We’re in!
Loved the lighted wristbands!

Chris Martin pleased the locals in the crowd not only with his musical talents but by first trying his best at some Dutch (turned out to be somewhat German sounding): “Hello The Hague, et ist fantastisj hier zu sein!”a few songs later followed by a unique rendition of the song that ‘helped’ in naming  my
blog: Oh, Oh, Den Haag (here’s the original) :-

The Chris Martin version came out sounding something like: “Oh, Oh, Then Haak”, but he managed the chorus in full, (loved the “Lenge Poten”) changing the lyrics at the end to “We would like to play here agai-ain!” to a  - by then - tumultuous crowd!
Thanks Chris, you warmed our The Hague hearts!

We managed to get close to the front

From the screens: Chris Martin in front of a sea of lighted wristbands

And you know the evening is a success when your (almost) 15-year old daughter – already a seasoned concert goer herself - exclaims: “This is better than Justin Bieber!!”


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, what a fantastic concert!!! My daughter LOVES Justin Bieber AND Coldplay :-)))

  2. Wat heerlijk dat het weer zo meewerkte. Het ziet er spetterend uit!

  3. Ben jaloers!! Ik vind Coldplay geweldig!

    Groetjes Debby

  4. Dat klinkt als een geweldig concert. In de krant stond ook al dat het goed was.

  5. Klinkt allemaal super!! En een mooie uitspraak van dochter-lief!


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