maandag 11 juni 2018

May 2018, France, Judy Newman

The second part of May brought yet another trip to France. Again to help out my friend Emma (click) who was hosting Judy Newman for a two-day workshop at her quilt shop Le Patchwork d'Emma (click) in Gauchy/St. Quentin.

I had met Judy briefly during the Nantes show and Emma and I met her again – a bit longer this time – at the Houston show last year and was really looking forward to seeing her and her quilts again.

Because both Judy and I arrived a few days before the workshop we had lots of time to chat, to sew and get to know each other, much to our surprise Judy and I found out we had quite a lot in common.
It was a delight to get to know Judy and her quilts. Judy, Emma and I spent hours talking and I can honestly say I fell in love with her quilts and her approach to making quilts.

During the days of the workshop the atmosphere in Emma’s light and airy shop/atelier was buzzing with ladies from Germany and the UK joining in as well, I think the pictures will speak for themselves:

On the Sunday morning a brocante was being held in the village and as neither Judy nor I had every visited one we just had to go. As it was a workshop day it meant getting up really early but it was worth it!

Not in the least to see that sunrise from ‘my’ bedroom window at Emma’s. That view (and the quiet) never ceases to amaze me, I always spend some time looking out the window every morning I wake up there and every evening before I go to bed.

 So we walked a few streets to the brocante and got there at 6.30 when a lot of people were still setting up.

We found some treasures for a few Euro’s. Just to give you an idea, Judy fell in love with a yellow milk jug, but they made her buy the whole set for…. E 3.- ! It turned out to be a Villeroy & Boch coffee set, Judy would have loved to have taken the whole set back home to Australia with her, but that was a bit unpractical so she decided to keep the milk jug and leave the rest of the set at Emma’s boutique, where it fitted so well with the retro kitchen.

Later that day in the kitchen of Le Patchwork d’Emma:

I guess the yellow brocante milk jug was maybe a birthday present to herself because later that day we celebrated her recent birthday with a cake from the local boulangerie and – of course – a glass of that nice sparkly stuff

Judy’s show & tell that day was held in the garden of Emma’s shop

And then it was back to work, Judy showing us some (for me) new techniques.

Well, this is why: during the workshop – with much help from Judy as I am not very handy in this respect – I made a Judy’s Dilly Bag!

After these wonderful days at Emma’s Judy and I traveled back to The Netherlands together where she went on to teach at Petra Prins’ (click to Juud’s blog to read al about it).

To my surprise Judy presented me with this beautiful pouch as a thank you for organising her travel (no problem) and travelling with her (it was a joy and I was headed in that direction anyway 😊  ) there really was no need, I was quite taken aback by this beautiful present. I love it and I will cherish it.

A tangible reminder of very special days,

woensdag 6 juni 2018

May 2018, The Netherlands

May was another month full of quilty adventures. Again both in The Netherlands and in France, so like last month would like to tell you all about it in two blogposts, this one about the first half of May in The Netherlands.
While still back home I did some prepping for my trip to France.

Then on a grey Saturday I visited Janine’s new shop (click) in Brielle for the first time, a lovely shop, well worth the drive and Janine herself very knowledgeable and so creative, also much to our delight doggies are welcome to so Whopper was allowed in to wait with my better half as was another dog with his ‘daddy’ , all were very well behaved while the ‘mums’ did their shopping 😊

A few days later Karen (click) visited for an afternoon of stitching in my garden, she is working on a lovely project by Karen Styles from an old Quiltmania issue

And I visited Yvonne (click) at her house for a morning of stitching

And as I did not have it yet, I purchased her book from her

Just in time to take with me on my trip to France, more on that in my next blogpost, hope to see here again for that,


New Privacy Law

As you may know May 25, 2018 a new Privacy Law came into effect in our part of the world (EU), so…… here it goes:
This is a non-commercial blog. When you react to this blog I will have your email address which I will only use to reply to you. I will not share your email address with third parties.
That’s it.
Now we have that out of the way next up: a blogpost that this blog was set up for:  fun, travel, lovely people and quilty stuff 😊

Zoals je ongetwijfeld weet is er op 25 mei 2018 nieuwe Privacy wetgeving van kracht geworden in de EU, vandaar even het volgende:
Dit is geen commercieel blog. Wanneer je een reactie achterlaat op mijn blog heb ik je email adres, dit gebruik ik alleen om je te antwoorden, ik deel dit niet met derden.
Zo,  nu we dit achter de rug hebben volgt er dadelijk een een blogpost zoals gebruikelijk en waar dit blog voor bedoeld is: pret, reizen, leuke mensen en alles quilterigs 😊

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