donderdag 1 november 2018

October 2018

What a way to celebrate a birthday!

Having met Margaret Mew for the first time last year in Nantes, we hit if off straight away and I was so happy that when we met her again later that year in Houston with Emma (click), Emma was able to organise for Margaret to come and teach at her shop in Gauchy…… and on my birthday of all days!!

So once again I was off to France, unfortunately my husband who was planning to join me had to cancel due to work commitments, but I was not alone, Margaret was my travel companion and with during the train rides we had hours to chit-chat before arriving at Emma’s lovely house, which by now feels like a second home to me.

Straight away next morning, Margaret started her 2-day workshop (‘no rest for the wicked’  as they say 😉 ) at Emma’s shop, during those two days the shop was a beehive of activity

The second day Emma had organised a wonderful celebration of my birthday. Emma, Olivier and all the ladies in the boutique certainly know how throw a party!

I was touched not only to receive lovely gifts from Emma and her family but also from some of the ladies I see each time at Emma’s boutique, merci beaucoup Francoise et Annick <3.

It was a truly memorable birthday and seeing the pictures again, it certainly looked it.
I thank everyone and am grateful to everyone who made this day so special for me.

The partying went on in the evening time and both at Emma’s home and in town Margaret and I shared a glass or two (or so) of something nice.

So it was good that the next day was a day for some r&r for Margaret, just sewing, chatting and enjoying the good things of the French country side, baguettes from a local bakery, freshly picked lavender and lots of sunshine in Emma’s large garden. And left-overs from that yummy birthday cake!

The gorgeous weather gave us the idea to photograph the quilts Margaret had brought with in Emma’s garden:-

It was a wonderful relaxed day which ended way too soon, next day Margaret had to leave for her next destination, hugs, hugs, hugs all around, it was such a joy to spend time with Margaret a lovely, warm and kind lady, with a great sense of humor and her quilts, oh, so inspiring!

I got to spend another day sewing and finishing that yummy birthday cake at Emma’s before I too had to leave (the applique bird is Emma's work).

I will miss this beautiful part of the world (the view from 'my' window in the morning):

On the train back home to the Netherlands, not as busy and packed as we are used to

And back home – nothing to do with my birthday - , there was another, unexpected present waiting:

As I was unable to attend the workshop by Linda (click)  at Marcha’s (click) in September due to my operation, Annemiek (click),  Linda  and Marcha kindly send me the pattern of the pouchette that was subject of the workshop and Simply Vintage magazine it appeared in so that I was at least in on part of the fun.
Much appreciated this thoughtful gift, thank you ladies.
But if I can ever make that pouchette without help…? I am not that clever with these kind of things, but I as I know some of the participants I may ask them for their help in the future.

I almost forgot, some of the sewing this month consisted of 4 new circles of the Sugar Plum pattern by Judy Newman(click)

A lot to look back on this October month, thank you for visiting my blog,

vrijdag 5 oktober 2018

September 2018

September again saw me a bit too busy to do a lot of quilting, but I did manage to do some dodecagons

It was busy also because at the beginning of the month I had a little medical issue that needed to be attended to

It took me a little longer than I thought to recuperate, but the view back home was better than the view before (above)

Excitement this month came in the form of a very special police action taking place just in front of me while I was waiting in front of the traffic lights at a large junction close to our house. Already noticing lots of police in bullet proof vests when I arrived at the red light (with one officer taking position next to my car), and a van on my right hand side, standing still, with the driver busy on the phone, all of a sudden two black jeep arrived and out jumped a number of plain clothed police, wearing masks, guns drawn. they surrounded the van and shouted to the driver to come out. He did not, kept on talking on his phone, and after a short stand-off (pfffff, still all those guns so close to me), they had had enough, two of the masked police officers opened the doors on either side of the van and while one officer put his gun away and started pulling on and fighting with the driver, the other one first kept his gun pointed at the driver from through the other open door, before entering the fight from his side, after which the first officer was quickly able to pull out the driver and work him to the ground where he was handcuffed and blind folded, before being led away into one of the regular police cars. All the time a helicopter was hovering overhead and the high school on the corner (Eline’s old school) was in lock-down, with police cars in front of the entrance.

The arrival of this special arrest team, all the regular police officers already there surrounding the van and the helicopter hovering overhead certainly gave me the impression that this was a planned action and I was really impressed by how efficient things were excecuted, the whole action took only a few minutes and no shots were fired. Hats off to these pro’s.

With a police officer next to my car and with being so close possibly being in the fire line should guns be used, I only started taking pictures and video’s when the action was over and the guns had been put away.

As soon as I was back on my feet again after the operation, preparations began for our daughter’s 21-dinner party.
As is tradition she wanted it to be held at home and her wish was for one long table, with 24 dinner guests, we could just about manage that in our living room.

Lots of planning, preparations, energy and time went into this evening, I even got re-acquainted with my sewing machine to make the table runners 

But it was all worth it, it was a memorable, wonderful evening during which we got the help of 3 wonderful friends, Nathalie and Vincent helping out in the kitchen and helping with serving our guests and Lucy (click) and (click) who made beautiful pictures that evening, so we will always have those to remind us of how lovely it was.

Below a few pictures by Lucy, those who follow her blog and Instagram account will recognize her clean, fresh style of photography:

Below 3 pictures I took , strictly snapshot style ;-)  :

Having celebrated with a room full of people back home on the weekend of her birthday we decided – as the 3 of us are foodies – that it would be nice as one of her 2 birthday presents to take Eline for her first fine dining experience to a restaurant that we had been curious about and had been wanting to visit, but we just needed that special occasion to do so. Well, this was it and they certainly lived up our (already high) expectations.

We went to The White Room on Dam Square in Amsterdam.

Her other birthday present came in this little box.

It being a special birthday (21 years) and us only having a small family we seldom have large parties (the last one was 11 years ago) , so we thought we’d go all out for this one and we are happy we did. It was so worth it.

So with some lovely moments from September to look back on, I now look forward to October, with some quilty adventures again.

Thank you for visiting my blog,

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