woensdag 15 februari 2017

Show and Tell a la Marja

Well, I just returned from a great morning attending Marja’s (from the blog Sweet Home A La Marja, click) show and tell at Karen’s (click for her blog) bed and breakfast (click) and I thought I would share it with you straight away.

By now a yearly event at Karen’s, a Dutch quilter is invited to share her quilts and stories, a Dutch quiltstore is in attendance to make sure that once inspired by all we have seen we can make some purchases and do not leave empty handed and Karen herself (helped by some trainees) makes sure we are well catered for.
It was fun seeing some familiar faces, meeting new quilters and of course seeing all the beauties Marja brought with her.

The shop this time was the Quiltster (click) by Marcha, who was constantly too busy for me to be able to make a good picture, but I will make up for that in a later blogpost.

Now for the show and tell:

A colorful start

Small, but very special, made from her father’s old ties

A navy man

Some red, white and blue

Lots of colorful beauties

This was adorable, she appliqued her house and some of her own animals in the centre

A very special Dear Jane, with old and reproduction feed sack fabrics

Her version of the 1718 Coverlet

Beautiful old tops

And how about this one

And her version (still under construction) of the compass quilt owned by the Polak family shown at an exhibition in 2015 (click for my blogpost of my visit) , as the original, Marja’s version is a stunner

She not only showed us quilts and quilt tops, but also shared some of her large collection of old embroidery

And so-called ‘baafjes’ (a part of Dutch traditional costume)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of a lovely morning, thank you to Marja, Karen, Betty, Marcha and Karen’s trainees J


woensdag 8 februari 2017

A workshop with the Feathergirls

Yes, a workshop with the Feathergirls! 

A Happy Scrappy Feathergirls workshop, based on our last finishes, our scrapquilts (click).

February 25, at Quilt It and Dotty (click) , Hubertine (click) and I will be showing the quilts we made as Feathergirls with our beloved Featherweight machines and we will share with you our thoughts behind the Feathergirls projects.

Not only that, we will be busy, busy, busy with those scraps that you no doubt have stashed away in boxes, drawers, bags, where ever. It is a  w o r k  shop after all J .
Bring your scraps and your sewing machine (it does not have to be a Featherweight) and we will be give you tips, idea’s, patterns to make your own scrap quilt.

It is going to be such a fun day, no doubt Dorry will keep us very content with lots of yummy things from her AGA, while Hubertine and myself will keep you busy at your sewing machines!

For more information check the website of Quilt It and Dotty here (click)

Hope to see you there! 


woensdag 4 januari 2017

First finish of 2017 and 3rd Feathergirls finish!

Hello everyone,

We as Feathergirls thought we’d start the year as we mean to go on…. with a finish!

You may have been following our progress on our current Feathergirls projects…. our scrapquilts… well, here they are, all finished… !

To the left is my quilt, to the right the quilt of fellow Feathergirl Hubertine, you can find more on her quilt on her blog (click)

The idea for this 3rd Feathergirl quilt was to make a scrap quilt, when we revealed our plans to eachother (click) it turned out Hubertine decided to make her quilt of one pattern and while I originally started with the same idea I found I could not chose which block or pattern to use so decided to use various patterns and found the best way to do this was to place them in rows.

To honor Feathergirl Hubertine and our co-operation as Feathergirls I added a row of the rails pattern of her scrapquilt in mine as well:

Although I tried to ‘make ends meet’  that did not always work out in the end and with the great Gwen Marston (click) in mind I either cut something off when it was too long:

or I added something when it was too short: 

Hey, this is the Feathergirls... our aim is not to be perfect, our aim is to have fun with it all!

This reminds me of many of the antique quilts I have seen on my travels J !
So, not perfect, but I love this quilt, it is colorful, I had such fun making it and it is mine all mine, I thought it up, row by row, so it is one of a kind.

Quilt stats:
Size: 133 x 175 cm / 52” x 69”
Machine pieced, hand quilted
Fabrics and batting 100% cotton

So, after these finishes what is next for the Feathergirls? With a truck load of wips and ufo’s each we decided to put starting another Feathergirl project on hold for now and to focus on finishing some of those first. But that does not mean you will not hear from us…. no way…  watch this space….


vrijdag 23 december 2016

Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017!

Hello everyone,

As my last post for this year I’d like to wish you a lovely, warm, cozy and merry Christmas time!

And best wishes for a healthy, happy, wonderful and creative 2017!

At Christmas time so many places look pretty, my home town The Hague is no exception, so I thought I’d take you on a little tour and share with you some of the beautiful Christmas trees on show here this Christmas season.

At the Royal Theatre, Koninklijke Schouwburg: 

At the Prison Gate museum, De Gevangenenpoort: 

At department store De Bijenkorf:

At shopping arcade De Passage:

Along a canal - yes, we have those too in The Hague -  at CafĂ© Hathor….. (oh, I remember way back when….. J ) : 

One of our main squares, Plein:

 And last but certainly not least the beautiful Mauritshuis museum:

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas tour of The Hague and thank you so much for visiting my blog this last year. Again, have a lovely Christmas and until we meet again in 2017!


zondag 18 december 2016

Have yourself a merry little Christmas bee

Meeting up with other quilters is always fun, to share ideas, to be inspired by their projects, to discuss plans, to help each other with ‘technical’ tips. But to find a spot in a few busy agenda’s that you are able to see each other can prove difficult. When late in summer we talked about meeting up, we found that the first available date was near the end of December! So a Christmas bee it was, small but sweet, at my place with Yvonne (click) and Judith (click).

The girls came bearing gifts, sweet, handy and much appreciated:
We munched on chocolates, pannetone and pumpkin soup while we sewed and chatted and chatted.

Juud gave both Yvonne and myself a board that can be used for shaping your block but is also great for just working on, she uses it herself too:
And Yvonne started using it straight away too:

Yvonne had brought her beautiful Dear Jane quilt, made from Minick and Simpson fabrics:
Whopper loved it and the cuddles too!

I always have to look at the pincushions quilters use… this was mine, I always bring it out in December (made it during a Christmas party at Dorry’s (click) a few years ago, from a Primitive Gatherings  kit :
these were Juud’s:

and this one was Yvonne’s, a ring pincushion, much loved and used:
It was a lovely day girls, let’s do it again sometime…… maybe next Christmas ;-)) ?!

Also last week I attended an Aurifil Masterclass. All about the history of the brand, the actual production of the thread, the types of thread etc. etc. It is being organised at several quiltshops, I went to the Masterclass at the Quilthoeve in Naaldwijk (click), as always we were well looked after by the ladies there and it was nice to see some familiar faces that I had not seen for a while. And there was a nice goody bag J. The whole thing is very interesting so if there is one near you, do try and attend.
Now back to some quilting this Sunday, a calm day before the Christmas madness starts next week.
Thank you for visiting J !