donderdag 1 maart 2018

February 2018

February flew by, which I do not mind at all as it still is frightfully cold and I much prefer sunshine and nice temperatures so I cannot wait for spring to arrive.
But the low temperatures do give me more time for sewing (in spring and summer some of that time must be spent gardening) so the first part of February I spent time on Phebe.
I thought the whole thing needed a bit of ‘oomph’ so I added some bright red berries:

the large flowers in the upper corners

Time to start attaching that second sawtooth border

And while I pondered over what is next for Phebe, the weather changed from grey and dull into very cold and sunny, which made the trip to Karen’s B&B in Rijpwetering for the talk and show & tell by Hanneke Kwakkenbos from Atelier Vlijtig Liesje about broderie perse all the more pleasant, it was a lovely morning.

Someone was watching over my camera  😊 

Later on in the month I finally made my first dodecagon shape, I fell in love with those during the Margaret Sampson-George workshop I did at Petra Prins’ in Zutphen in January.
Betty Prins (click) was at the workshop with me and also fell for this shape, she invited me for some ‘dodecagonning’ at her atelier. She is way ahead of me (the hexies in the pictures are hers), it was inspiring to see the dodecagons she has already finished, we shared a lovely, warm, chatty morning.

Looking forward to making more of these dodecagons in March, they are quite addictive 😊


donderdag 1 februari 2018

January 2018

Looking back on this month the highlight of the month definitely was the Dodecagon workshop by Margaret Sampson-George.  

This picture says it all, 

Such an inspiring, warm, cozy, memorable day.

It may have taken me 4 trains to get to Zutphen, but with a travel time of 2 hours I beat those who unfortunately arrived too late, because the trip by car from close to where I live myself had taken them 3 hours!

When I arrived everything was ready and looked so inviting

We were ready to start!

Ah, Margaret, first time I met her, a lovely lady and lovely quilts! 
Her quilts really lifted my spirits in these grey-sky days

 After lessons from Margaret

It was time to start ourselves

A day that ended much, much too soon, Betty and I had a hard time letting go 😊


 Earlier in January I made my final quilting stitches on my King George quilt

So now I have to find the right binding fabric for it and make a label to finish it, hopefully soon.


Finishing the quilting on the King George meant I could un-box another ufo….. Phebe!

I really want to finish this one in some way, I already spent so many hours on it and I still love the pattern by Di Ford, but I will not finish it in the way she designed it, just too much work. 
Once I have finished with the applique and second sawtooth border I must have a good think to see what will be next for my Phebe….
So far I worked on the upper corners 

It had been some time since I did applique, really nice to get back to it.

Thank you for visiting,

zondag 31 december 2017

And so this was Christmas..

… in London. Rather than doing a lot of groceries and cooking at home and also instead of buying each other presents, we decided to give ourselves a one big present by celebrating a very British Christmas in London and it did not disappoint, but then London never does, any time of year.

No theatre visits, no shopping, just looking at beautiful Christmas trees and lights, enjoying yummy food and long walks, in short: just taking in that very special, very festive British Christmas cheer!

Let’s start with – to me – the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen (and it did not even have lights):

This tree was at St. Pancras station and we could not get enough of it. The station itself is a Victorian beauty also, a perfect place for this very large tree. St. Pancras station is known for its famous Harry Potter 9 ¾ platform but (for all of you fans) that is actually located at neighbouring King’s Cross station, just a sign on a wall,

 but if you want to take a picture of yourself with the sign….. then get in line!

We passed.

Back to the Christmas trees, we went criss cross thru town to see some really nice ones:

Harrod’s , with carol singers

near Covent Garden

someone in this pub really likes Christmas trees!

our hotel did not disappoint either.

Of course there were other decorations as well:

the Blue Bird at King’s Road
Peggy Porschen

Covent Garden.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…..

In the evening time we admired the famous London Christmas lights:

Regent Street

Oxford Street

Carnaby Street.

And everywhere really:

 If you ever plan to spend Christmas Day in London you must know that there is no public transportation at all for over 24 hrs, no Underground, no buses, nothing, except for a few very expensive taxi’s. Public transport ends at midnight Christmas Eve and does not start up again until early Boxing Day, the handwritten signs warning you of this come up sometime during Christmas Eve day, this one was at ‘our’ Underground station:

Soooooo, what to do on Christmas Day? Well, I think we had a really British Christmas Day.
Without any public transportation we went for a long walk in the morning through the very quiet streets (hardly any cars either, I think lots of people had left the city or were already at their destination in the city), it was a dark, grey day so it was lovely to see the lights of the Christmas trees and candles in the houses where people were celebrating.

Back in our hotelroom we watched the Queen’s speech.

I had organised for us to go for a traditional Christmas lunch, with crackers, turkey and the trimmings

After which it was time for another walk, I loved seeing all the Christmas wreaths on the front doors, there were so many I made a collage of just a few of them, if you like making your own this may be inspiration for next year 😊

Then time for some Netflixing in our hotelroom followed by yes, our third walk of the day, 

the mews behind our hotel:

then some drinks in the hotelbar and sleep, contented after a lovely Christmas Day.

The next day, Boxing Day, we knew the masses would head for the shops as the big sales would be starting and since our flight back home was not until early evening we did have time for another long walk on this bright and sunny morning, this time through the Holland Park area via Kensington Palace.

Look at the beautiful, large Christmas tree in the gardens of the Palace

There was even some quilty inspiration here…  quilty steps!

These were our last impressions of this wonderful city, our last moments of a very special trip. A big present to ourselves which we spent four wonderful days slowly unwrapping.

Bev Bannard (click) left a remark under one of my Instagram posts of this trip: ‘if your are tired of London you are tired of life’ and I fully agree, we will never tire of London and we cannot wait to go back.

(if you are not on Instagram, here is the link (click) for my account )

As I am writing this on New Year’s Eve, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy, happy and creative 2018!

Enjoy the festivities tonight and for those in The Netherlands: be careful with fireworks, stay safe!