zondag 9 september 2018

August 2018

August still had some great summer weather, but later in the month things cooled down a bit, which made it a lot better for some quilty activities.
But before that there were still some summer outings with Whopper, he loves those evenings on the beach.

On one of those very warm summer days I drove down to Marcha’s shop (click) for her Open House. I was not the only one to drive that way, unfortunately I arrived rather late because of the traffic jams, which meant that I had to miss lunch as I was expected at Karen Styles’ (click & click) workshop shortly after my arrival.

Luckily, Yvonne (click), who was there to promote her book, came to my aid with some sweets, enough to give me that sugar rush to enjoy Karen’s workshop. 

Karen’s workshop was about tips and tricks to make clamshells , which she used in her beautiful Okehampton quilt.

As I had never made clamshells before I found the workshop really helpful, when I ever want to use these in a project, I know exactly what to do.

It was fun seeing Karen again, after our days at Emma’s (click) and in Paris in the spring (click).

Because of my late arrival I had less time than planned to look around at Marcha’s Open House, but there was lots to see (here are a few pictures from the quilt exhibition), to do, to eat and drink and of course I did want to do some shopping.

Karen’s Circle of Sisters quilt is always a star attraction!

It’s fun to see Marcha’s shop-quilt grow, quite a few additions during the Open Days I am sure, I am somewhere in the middle:

Two days later I traveled in another direction to Juud (click), we spent the day (another hot one) sitting outside in the morning working on our Judy Newman projects, so we called it our ‘Judy Day’. 

After lunch it became a too hot to be outdoors so we moved inside, imagine that. Practically the whole year we want to be outside and then when we can it can get so hot you prefer to be indoors….

Multi-talented Juud in ‘domestic goddess’ – mode in her kitchen, making us a yummy and healthy dinner which we enjoyed in the garden ๐Ÿ˜Š 

The end of a lovely day, with lots of chatting and sewing and looking ahead to all sorts of fun quilty things in the future.

So this month I started a Judy Newman quilt, for me it just had to be the Sugar Plum quilt. During the days when Judy was at Emma’s (click) and I was helping out, I saw this quilt the whole time and of all the quilts Judy brought with her, this is the one that represents those wonderful days in France most, the happy, airy, light colors, the cheerfulness of it all.

So far this is what I have done and using Judy’s templates and book, the curved seems are really not difficult at all.

Thank you for visiting my blog,

zaterdag 25 augustus 2018

July 2018

This summer!

Don’t know about you, but I love summer and I love this summer, intense heat in all. I love the outdoor living, I love the house with it’s open windows and garden doors, I love being able to walk outside just like that (no shoes, coat, scarf, gloves to put on first), I love the lighter foods, I love the late afternoon apรฉratifs enjoyed in the garden with friends and neighbours, I love the beers on the beach in the evenings just watching those glorious sunsets, I even much prefer those extreme heat days when I really do not know what to do with myself (37C in a super insulated house and no airco…. , definitely buying those units before next summer) to the very Dutch alternative of rain and wind.
But sewing…. not a lot, not this July.

This summer is to be enjoyed outside, at the beach and in the city, trying out new restaurant terraces and familiair ones, with Whopper of course!

July is also the month in which our American friends celebrate their country’s birthday.
That particular day we certainly had a party to go to, a rather untraditional family outing ….. to a Guns n Roses concert!

Again, a scorching hot day but perfect for the occasion.
In 1993 (!) I had tickets for their concert in our country, but as I had just met my husband (again) and he could not go with me I sold my tickets (out of loyalty, he would have loved to join me) , shortly after GnR as a group broke up, so this concert was something we waited for a long time! Little did we know in 1993 we would have a 20 year old daughter to join us this time

Golden circle tickets, Axl’s voice still as strong as ever, Duff still a steady force and Slash *superb* , a day and evening to remember.

Back to quilty things later on in the month, you may remember I met my first quilt teacher again during the Rijswijk quiltshow in the spring (click) after decades if being out of touch? 

Well, she came over for a visit and it was a  lovely afternoon.
In her mid-eighties, still driving a car, still quilting and still as sharp as ever, what can I say, lots of respect for this lady, Ingrid van Hengel.

She brought a few quilts she still has, most quilts she has made she has given away 

She showed me an interview with her in the April 2012 issue of Quilt Life

She kindly gifted me a so-called Dutch ‘kraplap’, part of Dutch national costume in certain area’s, this one – as it is black – part of mourning dress, it is very beautiful.

We discussed colors, I remembered her lessons from the past, we looked for a border fabric for the hexagon quilt she is working on and talked about much more.
What a great lady.

As I am writing this the weather has cooled down from that July heat, definitely back to a bit more sewing now, so more quilty things to share in my next blogpost.

Thank you for visiting my blog,


maandag 16 juli 2018

June 2018

For the first time since February I spent a whole month at home in June, I was getting used to spending part of the month in France ๐Ÿ˜Š

Having been away more than usual lately meant a lot of gardening needed to be done, I had to catch up with friends I had not seen for a while, non-quilters (no pics) and quilters like Karen (click).

It was in Karen’s beautiful garden I made the last quilting stitches to what will be my baby-Phebe quilt, having decided to just make the center and large applique border.

There was also time to see my friend Lucy (click). Lucy and I decided to catch up during a visit to beautiful Leiden and the great exhibition at the Textile Research Center in Leiden (click). We were there 2 days before the exhibition closed, so you probably already saw pictures of it, but if you did not or would like to see a bit more, here are mine:-

The weather was glorious, it had been a long time since we had so many sunny and warm days in a row, so a lot of time this month was spent outdoors, on terraces, having drinks, dinner and meeting people, not a lot of quilting being done.

Evenings on the beach….

Although not everyone was captivated by that gorgeous sunset….

Well, they are both soccer fans and it was the World Cup after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

A time and a place for everything, I guess !

Enjoy the summer, we certainly are,


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