zondag 16 juni 2019

May 2019, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

After my travels to Nantes (click and click) and Gauchy (click) it was time to return home, but only for one day. Just enough time to take care of the washing and restock the fridge for the homefront, then I was back on the road (well, not really, back in the train) for my next quilt date, helping out at the Secret Sewing Sisters Smith Quiltmania exhibition also featuring the quilts of Susan Smith, Cรฉcile Franconie and the antique quilts of collector Charles-Edouard de Broin, organised by Petra Prins in the Sint-Joris church in Amersfoort.

As this blogpost comes later than I planned , you may have seen pictures of this exhibition on other blogs and also on Instagram already, my own account (click) or other accounts. If you have not than I hope you enjoy these pictures and if you already have, maybe you enjoy seeing them again.

During those few weeks of travel to Nantes, Gauchy and Amersfoort things were so busy I hardly had any time to stitch at all, which is why – once back home – I spent my spare time stitching before writing this blogpost, I found I had really missed my stitching time.

So, here it is, an impression of a very special exhibition, beautiful quilts at a wonderful location, a great combination:-

On my first morning ‘reporting for duty’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was way too early, the first one to arrive, but was let in by one of the church caretakers, so I had a little time to just sit down in an empty and quiet church, finishing my coffee, taking it all in….

Once everyone arrived, the doors opened and the visitors could enjoy all of this:-

The quilts

For Liliane (click) ๐Ÿ˜‰ : 

The booths

The people , only a few on the many familiar and new faces during those days

Hi Yvonne (click) behind the camera, thanks for the picture ๐Ÿ˜Š

And last but certainly not least, as always, a joy and a lot of fun to spend time with and work alongside Juud (click)

Thank you for visiting this exhibition again with me on this blog until the next time!


For information on the quilts above I refer to the Quiltmania books:
Labors of Love by the Secret Sewing Sisters
Quilts, somewhat in the middle by Susan Smith
Quilted and embroidered fantasies by Cรฉcile Franconie
Bliss of a quilt digger by Charles-Edouard de Broin

maandag 27 mei 2019

April 2019 (4), Gauchy, France "Au boulot"!

So this is my fourth and final blogpost about April, because when Pour l’Amour du Fil ended (click & click) the fun wasn’t over. 

With Emma (click) and Margaret (click) I traveled to Emma’s, which is little over an hour away from Paris. Always such a pleasure and fun to visit and this time also, as Margaret was giving her first workshop on her new Merrow Croft quilt.

I always love those few moments of quiet when we arrive early at Emma’s shop before everyone else does,  to get everything ready.

The ladies worked on the center of the Merrow Croft quilt, which is quite intricate, with a lot of round shapes coming together, not easy but so beautiful.
And I write ‘work’ for a reason, because everyone worked really hard and with both Margaret and me working on our French, the phrase “Au boulot!” (let’s work!) was often heard ๐Ÿ˜‰

Work hard and play hard they say, apart from working hard there were lots of laughs and a great, creative atmosphere in the lovely, light space at Le Patchwork d’Emma.

With a two day workshop there is lots of time for demonstrations and explanations by a great teacher

After which the ladies are back ‘au boulot’ at the large tables....

....and I am back ‘au boulot’ at ‘my’ end of one of the tables, making sure no one is without the fabrics they want :-) 

Lucky for us, on the second day of the workshop Margaret showed us she had something special in her luggage…. a special guest: Rosa Biddlecombe!
Always a pleasure to see you, Rosa ๐Ÿ˜Š 

For those of you who have not seen the backing of this quilt, a pretty fabric:-

And at the end of the two days there were great results! 
A few of the proud students and a proud teacher!

A kind and creative group of people, a great few days at Emma’s shop/atelier/boutique and the French country side, lovely memories.

This is my final post on the busy month of April, thank you for visiting my blog and sort of ‘travelling with me’, hope to meet you again here next time!


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