zondag 16 september 2012

This morning

I went to the Sue Daley workshop at the Quilters Palet in The Hague. It was my third Sue Daley workshop there in as many years and as always Sue, Evy and Petra had everything ready and waiting for us, fabrics, thread, templates, patterns, the only thing we needed to bring were a pair sharp pointed scissors and ourselves!

Here are Sue’s things and the examples, we were going to make the appliqued basket on the needle case during the workshop, the pattern and materials (including one of Sue’s applique needles) we could take home with us to finish the whole needle case.

With a room full of quilters Sue still managed some one on one instruction, for her
and for me
Oh, those glasses! Showing my age now, recently I got a second pair of glasses made, I now use one pair for reading and for patchwork and the new pair for applique. Still have to figure out which one I’ll use for hand quilting…
Like before Sue brought over a suitcase full of quilts to show us, just a few examples:-
The quilt that is on the cover of her new book:
A medallion quilt made from Petra Prins’fabrics:
Another medallion quilt, loved the eggshell patterns in there (I think Evy just can’t get enough of these quilts ….!) :-
This I loved, two very different quilts from the same pattern!
Of course, some shopping had to be done, so many fabrics to choose from, I was among the last to leave the shop, sorry for the blurry picture, my arm was a bit heavy from the fabrics I bought , I think…….
Thanks again ladies, for a very enjoyable morning!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. HoiHoi!
    Het was zeker gezellig! Ga nu ook eens de clamshell's proberen.
    (is dat bij jou de eggshell?) See you!

    1. Ha, ha, ik vergis me in de 'shells', je hebt gelijk, het zijn clamshells!

  2. Wat een heerlijke morgen heb je gehad zo te lezen. Ik heb nog nooit iets van Sue Daley gemaakt, maar vind haar quilts wel heel mooi. Prachtige quilts laat je zien. Vooral die op de laatste 2 foto's zijn schitterend. Als ik het goed begrijp komt/is er een nieuw boek uit?

  3. Dat ziet er weer gezellig uit Phyllis. En is het gelukt met de bril om het naaldenmapje te maken? Ja, we kunnen niets meer zonder hulpmiddel hè?

  4. What a wonderful day you had. Lovely pictures.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day. Just wonder if the two glasses are different enough to grab the right one LOL.

  6. A great start to the day! I'm a beginner quilter, but also want to learn how to make an application.

  7. Dat ziet er super uit en je hebt mooie quilts gezien zeg je zal heerlijk hebben genoten daar.
    Groetjes Anneke


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