maandag 10 september 2012

Time for a quilting update

don’t you think?

In between all the other (social and domestic) things I also have been doing some quilting, so here’s an update.

I worked a bit on my Jacob’s Ladder, you already saw the yellow block I made in my tutorial (link), but I made a few more blocks since then:-

So, when put together, my blocks now look like this:-

Also, another block has been added to my Jules quilt:-

Recently I had time to visit two quiltshops, one nearby

the summer fair at De Quilthoeve in Naaldwijk, not able to take a nice pictures inside, too many people in there, but here’s one from the terrace on the forecourt, with live music (!), also great place for the menfolk to wait and read a newspaper while the ladies enjoy themselves with all the goodies on offer!

Last Thursday (yes, before the Coldplay concert, a day of extremes so to speak) I went to Quilt it and Dotty in Tilburg with Hubertine, always nice to see Dorry and Jose again, where the coffee is always ready (thanks ladies, that is always much appreciated after the ride from The Hague)  & where there is plenty of inspiration! The Dutch home of the Jules version I am making, thanks to Jose’s excellent choice of fabrics. The original is of course by French quilter Veronique Requena.

No quilting yesterday though, just had to enjoy the beautiful weather, read on the news sites that it might be the last day of summer weather, so we headed out to the terraces & with the sunshine opted for an Italian lunch at the terrace of our favourite pizza restaurant in The Hague:-

My choice? The Pizza Crudo, easy on  the cheese for me … mmmmmm ….



3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Phyliss, love your Jacob's Ladder blocks, this quilt is going to look really great. Hmmm that pizza looks delicious! Dorry's shop looks so beautiful with such gorgeous fabrics. I would have loved to go to the embroidery fair, I wish we had such access to gorgeous shops over here.

  2. Mmm...ziet er heerlijk uit Phyllis! De pizza maar ook de bezoekjes aan de QH en QiaD en dan ook nog tijd om wat mooie blokken te maken. Je Jacob's Ladder wordt mooi!

  3. Inderdaad een heerlijk stekkie om te genieten van zon, wandelend publiek en een heerlijke pizza!


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