woensdag 3 mei 2017

Trunkshow by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman at the Australian Dutch Connection Quiltshow

So much going on in quilt land at the moment, it is hard to keep up with blogging about it all.

But even if it is a few days later than some bloggers, I wanted to make a blogpost about this very special trunkshow. Why don’t you get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and take some time to look at all the beautiful antique quilts in this post.

A few days after I attended the Nantes quilt show there was the Australian Dutch Connection quilt show at the St. Joris church in Amersfoort. Organised by the ladies of the Petra Prins’and Nel Kooiman’s quiltshops (click and click) it promised to be a beautiful exhibition, we were certainly not disappointed.

The show was advertised not only on the websites of Petra’s and Nel’s shops, on Facebook, via flyers, via the local tourist agency, but also the local media paid attention to it, in case you missed this bit of journalism have a look (click), my favorite bit starts at 1.22 min…. ooooohhhhhh….. Judith (click) certainly shows how we all feel about our quilting passion 😊

I was one of the lucky ones to attend the trunkshow by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman themselves, where they talked about and showed antique quilts from their private collections.

Let me share some of these beauties with you (here we go Marja 😊  (click) !  )

This was just part of what was waiting for us when we entered the room

Petra and Nel welcoming us

Petra decided to start things off with a stunner!

There were many more equally stunning quilts…..

Nel’s sweet basket quilt

As a contrast: her crazy quilt

Petra’s Seven Sisters quilt

Baptist fan quilting

Which was all the more special because the pattern went in opposite directions

So many “ oooooohhhhsss “ and “ aaaaaaahhhhhsss”  in the room when Petra showed this beauty

 If I remember correctly Petra said there were almost 29.000 pieces in this one…… can you imagine the lady who made this… without the help of all the notions, daylight lamps etc. that we have now? 


Showing you this one….

Also for the quilting

I adored this one….. love a red and white quilt anyway and the way that this quilter had no problem at all with the pieces not all being the same size just warms my quilting heart, she just solved every problem she encountered right there and then ….  I can just see she had such fun making this and every reason to be proud too, I think it is such a joyful quilt!

Simplicity with many fabrics is always a great combination

A very special hexagon quilt

Did I say ‘a very special hexagon quilt’?

Petra and Nel showed sooooo many beautiful quilts…..

The blue and white striped fabric of this one was very special, it looked and felt like seersucker fabric

On and on they went with the show…

This quilt has been made into a pattern/kit by Petra (clickwith different but beautiful colors

Petra and Nel brought so many quilts with them, there was not even time to show them all

When Petra asked at the end of the show if there were any questions… there were none… because we were all left speechless…

All we could do was applaud and thank them both for showing us so many of their treasures.

Thank you again, ladies, this was very special!


15 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een 'overload' aan prachtige quilts! Kan me voorstellen dat jullie daar stil van waren!

  2. Dank je wel dat ik hiervan, via de foto's, mocht meegenieten.

  3. Dank je voor het tonen van al deze mooie quilts, en wat je zegt: wat waren het er veel!

  4. Wat heerlijk om ze dan toch nog gezien te hebben!!

  5. Laura F Strating-Janssens3 mei 2017 om 14:04

    Geweldig Phillys!! Dank je wel, ik kon er niet bij zijn, maar zo leek het net of we mee om het hoekje konden kijken :-)

  6. Wat was het bijzonder het,ik heb ook al een paar keer mijn foto's bekeken en op de andere blogs en ben nog steeds onder de indruk.Wat een rijkdom en heerlijk dat Petra en Nel het met ons gedeeld hebben.Groetjes Lia

  7. Wat een leuk blogje met zoveel mooie foto's over de quilts van Petra en Nel! Helaas kon ik daar niet bij zijn, maar zo heb ik er toch van kunnen meegenieten. En de quilts in de kerk waren een feestje! De quiltsters in Nederland hebben een paar drukke, maar verrukkelijke weken achter de rug! Dank je wel voor de mooie foto's!
    Groetjes van Ageeth.

  8. Je hebt inderdaad TOPdagen achter de rug.Zoveel quilts in zo'n korte tijd, dat heeft tijd nodig om te bezinken. Misschien ontstaat er wel een nieuw quiltproject uit zoveel inspiratie -:) !!
    Deze quiltverzameling is echt indrukwekkend. Je zat op een prima plekje om er uitstekende foto's van te nemen. Ik vind de detailfoto's ook erg leuk om te zien. Zo zit je er zelfs vanachter de computer met je neus bovenop. Super!! Bedankt voor het delen van deze foto's!!

  9. Oh my goodness, what a special treat. I am so glad you shared these amazing beauties with us! What a sweet, sweet day for you all!

  10. It was a special treat to see these quilts in person as well. I had a couple favorites, the seven sisters, the red and white small one, and the small diamond stars on the brown background. It was an awesome collection.

  11. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing so many photos.

  12. Prachtig!!! Ik zit hier te stuiteren...

  13. Prachtig!!! Ik zit hier te stuiteren...

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