zondag 30 april 2017

Pour l'Amour du Fil 2017 (4) Inspiration!

For me this was not so much a show to buy things but more one to be inspired.
To be inspired by the people and by the quilts.

The people….. at long last I met face to face with Linda (Collins), for years we had been like ships in the night, just missing each other at quilts shows, but keeping in touch over the www. And it was almost like that again….. until fate intervened, finally face to face! Hugs and laughs by all 😊!!!

Wonderful for Emma and myself to meet Jo Morton (ah, her fabrics!) and Martine Poelman as well.

Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson were there

With a.o. an exhibition of quilts made by Laurie Simpson

There was a talk by Kaffee Fassett

Inspiring as always : Petra Prins’ booth

where business was brisk!

Inspiring colors from a far away place: 

and from Amy Butler: 

It was a very inspiring show, lots to talk and laugh about with my travel companion on the way home :-) !

(with a small photobomb from a rather stern looking stewardess in the background 😉  )

Hope you enjoyed my blogposts about this quiltshow!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Die stewardess moet ook gaan quilten! Leuk verslag weer, Nantes is ook zo leuk!

  2. Dank voor je vele foto's uit Nantes! Ik zit nu met smart te wachten op je foto's van de Show&Tell van Petra en Nel:)


  3. Wat een leuk laatste verslag! Het ziet er goed uit daar en jullie vlogen lekker! Dan in Nantes wel te doen. Je hebt toch nog wel iets gekocht?

  4. Helemaal leuk, ook weer he laatste verslag. Ben wel benieuwd wat van al die inspiratie gaat komen; moet wel iets heel bijzonders worden!

  5. Oh what fun! Thank you so much for sharing all of the gorgeous photos and stories. I have had so much fun looking at each photo over and over. I feel as if I was ALMOST there. It's so good to enjoy it from home since I couldn't be there this year. Maybe next year!

  6. Wat een geweldig leuk verslag over Nantes; dat zal genieten zijn geweest. Heel bijzonder, dat je Linda per toeval tegenkwam. Inmiddels heb ik (minder toevallig, want gepland) ook kennis gemaakt met deze heel vriendelijke quiltster en haar prachtige quilts, en, wel heel toevallig, met Jo Morton!
    Groetjes van Ageeth.

  7. thank you for your posts from the show - looks like it was fabulous


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