dinsdag 9 mei 2017

A day with Linda Collins

First of all let me tell you this was a wonderful and inspiring day in many ways.

Second: Juud (click) wrote the perfect blogpost about it. There is no way I can add anything to that and also – nice for me, because this does not happen a lot on your own blog where you are the one taking the pictures – I happen to be in some of the pictures and those pictures show you just how much fun we had that day.

But, since this blog is also a kind of a diary for me and maybe you like to see even more of this day, here it goes: a great day with Linda Collins!

When Marcha from the Quiltster (click) announced some time ago there would be 2 workshops by Linda Collins at her shop of course I wanted to attend. I had been in touch over the www with Linda for quite some time but had never met her, so apart from the fact that I would love to see her antique quilts from up close, this would be a great opportunity to meet. But... our first meeting actually took place a few days earlier at the Nantes quiltshow (click) , so after all that time just ‘digitally talking’ it was great to meet her in person not once but twice in such a short period.

Because of the number of attendees the workshop was held at the church across from Marcha’s quiltshop, where everything was ready and waiting when we arrived 

and Linda soon started her talk about her passion for quilting, antique quilts and sharing those quilts with the rest of us quilters, via shows at her barn back home, her blog, IG account, FB, her book (click), patterns and templates (click) and of course also in person.

She showed us some of her beautiful antique quilts, wonderful to see these beauties which we know from her book in ‘the flesh’ now.

Can you spot the blocks where the maker got things mixed up? 

A very special finish for this one

Linda showed us some of her own work as well

The templates for this pattern, Little Boys Britches (also from her book) come in three sizes

After so much inspiration it was time to do some stitching!

Linda brought a great new project for us to work on, a new pattern from another antique quilt, in bright, happy, spring colors

 and Marcha had already made a start with it in different colors, love the way she used her fabrics!

 We soon got busy

While we were busy it was time for others to relax and share a joke 😊 

And I took some time to make a few more pictures of the room

While Linda went around the room chatting and signing her book

There was time for a show and tell, some real beauties were shown by among others




a few ladies with their Panama Pyramids in various stages

The day ended much too soon, before we had to say goodbye and leave we received a sweet little gift from Marcha, to remind us of this special day.

 It was a fun filled (doesn’t this picture of Juud with a photobomb by Martine 😊😊 say it all?)

and inspirational day!

Thank you to Linda and the ladies of the Quiltster for all your work to make so special.


11 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk verslag met mooie foto's, Phyllis, en ik was weer even helemaal terug naar de zaterdag voor jullie maandag, waarbij ik net zo genoten heb als jullie, van Linda, haar antieke quilts, de inspiratie, het mooie patroontje en het meer dan goede gezelschap. Een top-dag was het!
    En wat een lief kaboutertje staat daar op 2 van je foto's....schattig!
    Groetjes vsn Ageeth.

  2. Wat een prachtige quilts heb je weer gezien! Ziet er weer uit als een topdag!

  3. Thank you for sharing so much inspiration from your incredible day!
    The quilts are outstanding!

  4. What wonderful quilts to see in person. It would have been a very inspirational day with lots of fun involved!

  5. What marvellous quilts! Your pictures are wonderful - thanks!!

  6. Het blijft leuk om foto's en verslagjes van deze mooie bijeenkomst te zien. Geweldig om zo'n dag te kunnen meemaken. Het genot straalt van de foto's af. Dankjewel voor het delen van deze mooie en inspirerende foto's!!
    Groetjes, Liliane

  7. Phyllis, het kon gewoon niet leuker. Wat een toeval dat we ons allemaal voor de maandag hadden aangemeld, echt een mazzeltje bovenop een super leuke, inspirerende gezellige, vrolijke quiltdag! Top verslag.

  8. What a wonderful day! The photos are lovely and while I'm sad I missed it (I was on the wrong continent that day) I am happy that you shared so many lovely photos for me to enjoy. Thank you!

  9. Heerlijk om al dat moois te zien bij je!!

  10. What a lovely venue! Looks like a rewarding day.

  11. Wat een leuk verslag van een erg gezellige dag !


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