maandag 12 mei 2014

Houston, we've got a problem......

And that is that each time we are there we find it more difficult to say leave and goodbye….

For the first time in years Eline had a two week Easter break from school so we decided to have our yearly holiday now rather than in the busier and more expensive summer months and because our trip would be shorter than usual we stayed in Houston itself the whole time and made daytrips out of town.

We knew the weather would be nicer too and oh boy, it really was. A wonderful 25 – 30 C instead of the usual 35 – 43 C in the summer time. It made our stay in Houston even better than usual because we were able to spend so much more time outside:

we went for a walk in Brazos Bend State Park where you are sure of close encounters with the resident alligators

And this must be a girl alligator , she looked like she had just been to the hair salon ;-)


A baby alligator was sunning him/herself on our path, the mothers are never far away (we could hear an alligator really close by, never know they made these rumbling noises) so we decided not to go further and turned around.



Which is on the enormous campus of  Texas A&MUniversity. We had lunch at one of the restaurants on campus, great thing about visiting this time of year, lots of students everywhere, so it gives you a real good sense of the atmosphere there, we would not have experienced this in the summer.


We never cease to be amazed by the size of things, look at this store which has everything for camping, fishing, etc. etc.


The economy is booming, even more so than before, businesses are looking for personnel everywhere, you see this in so many places:

Of all those signs in shops and restaurants, this one was my favourite, at the BreakfastKlub:

The new, huge Exxon Campus which is being built between Houston and The Woodlands will bring thousands and thousands of jobs and new residents, so house prices are rising in double digits in some area’s:
And it means expansion of the already impressive Houston freeway system and here it doesn’t take years to make a decision, they do it before the Campus is finished (this is near The Woodlands, but everywhere you see improvements on the road system being made):-


Of course we enjoyed the wonderful food in Houston as usual, but this time – because it was not so hot – more of it was enjoyed on the many terraces:


We went on a few boat trips

The above in The Woodlands, the boat trip below was a dolphin tour out of Galveston, we did see dolphins but unfortunately they were too quick for my camera!

Of course I did visit a few quiltshops, they always have somewhere to wait for those who are not interested

But this time I guess I took a bit too long with my shopping, because they both fell asleep in the comfy chairs!

Sundaymorning something completely different, we went to church!
We are not religious people, but during past visits we were impressed by the sermons given by pastor Joel Osteen, which we saw on tv. He is the leader of Lakewood Church, apparently the largest church in the US and their services are broadcast on TV nationwide every Sunday morning (and in many more countries).
Lakewood Church is only a 5 minutes drive from our hotel so we thought we’d go.
And we were impressed, by the atmosphere, the nice and friendly people and the man himself. We will definitely return on future visits!

This was also a trip where we made new friends and of course met up with ‘old’ ones: Ranelle, Bruce, Barb, Clay, Tanja, Walter, Celine, Tammy, thanks for your company, it was fun, it was great and we can’t wait to be back!!


(Next time some quilt news on this blog again, promise!)


13 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Phyllis wat laat je me meegenieten van de heerlijke tijd die jullie in Houston zijn geweest. Dat wat jullie meegemaakt hebben krijgt zeker weer dat speciale plekje. To be continued zal ik maar zeggen!

  2. Nice trip! Glad you enjoyed your time in the US again, it is a better time of the year to visit the US to beat the heat.

  3. Wonderful, stunning, beautiful, great, hilarious, magnificent!
    Cant wait ...... (only 5 months!)

  4. What a fun trip. And DEFINITELY easier weather for being outside and doing things outside. Glad you had a good visit.

  5. Wat een heerlijk verslag weer van jullie reis. Heerlijk dat het niet zo heet was, dat is dubbel zo leuk want heerlijk veel buiten! Die foto in de quilshop is geweldig! Benieuwd wat voor leuks je allemaal hebt gescoord! Ga je in november nog naar Quilt Festival?

  6. Sounds like a great trip! Very fun to go where everyone can enjoy themselves.:)

  7. Wat een heerlijke vakantie hebben jullie gehad. Die foto van je slapende man en dochter vind ik geweldig!

  8. Erg leuke post, ik kreeg echt een leuke indruk van je vakantietijd.Ik kan me voorstellen dat het lastig was om terug te gaan.

  9. Oh wat een heerlijke vakantie! Zeker goed om in dit jaargetijde te gaan qua temperatuur, prachtig die slapende familieleden ;-).

  10. Wat een heerlijke vakantie. Leuk verslag met als topper je familieleden in de fauteuils terwijl jij even quality-time had in een QUILTSHOP. yes!

  11. Wat een leuk verslag van een mooi verblijf. Ik krijg er zelfs zin in om ook een keer daar naar toe te gaan ! En wat een enige foto van je man en dochter

  12. Wat een goed idee zo voor on het seizoen, leuke uitstapjes ook. Ik vind het helemaal niet erg dit soort reisverhalen! End ie fotos met je husband en dochter lachen wat een geduld. Maar eh laat je ons ook je aankopen nog zien?


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