zondag 20 april 2014

Eline's Stars!

It has been a bit quiet on my blog and again it is because l am still quilting my Jacob’s Ladder, but now it is spring also busy with gardening etc.
I did not have anything specific to blog about soooo … a few weeks without a blogpost.

With not a lot of new things to show you I’d like to take this opportunity to revisit Eline’s Stars, the quilt I finished earlier this year. Because the weather at the time was not very nice (and therefore the light inside was also not very good for pictures) I never got the chance to make good pictures of the quilt, but now I can, so here it goes: Eline’s Stars!

More details regarding this quilt can be found here, but I forgot to mention at that time that the pattern I used was by Bonnie Hunter, her Maverick Stars.

A closer look at the quilt, which I made for my daughter Eline who wanted ‘happy colors’ not the usual retro/civil war fabrics I normally use.

To make the bright colored stars stand out better I chose a light colored fabrics for the background, using the low volume technique to prevent it from becoming boring.


I both machine and handquilted this quilt and that was a first. I really enjoyed using both, the machine quilting was really fast because I only quilted straight lines and for handquilting I used the big-stitch quilting technique in the centre of the stars. I did not use a hoop for this and just used a basting stitch, I loved it! It was so easy and relaxed to work without a quilting hoop and I really like the look of the stitches.


Like mentioned before the quilt also has fabrics given to me by fellow bee members, a lot from Anita (no blog unfortunately) and therefore contains their memories as well as mine and Eline’s. This fabric we bought on one our trips to Texas:

The backing and binding were bought here, the Boerenbontehal in The Hague (they are also on the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam), contrary to something I read on Facebook they are still there, luckily!

Apart from quilting my Jacob’s Ladder I have been doing some crochet, I am giving the granny squares I started last summer an extra row of bright pink before I will put them together.

The crochet is wonderful to do outside in the garden when the weather allows it, hopefully there will be a lot of opportunity to do so this weekend.

I’d like to wish everybody a lovely Easter!



9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een prachtige vrolijke quilt is het geworden. Daar zal ze heel blij mee zijn. En wat een mooie grannys. Fijne Paasdagen gewenst.

  2. Prachtig zoals je de quilt hebt gequilt en leuke vrolijke blokjes ben je aan het haken. Fijne Paasdagen gewenst!

  3. Ik vind het een paas quilt vrolijke sterren maar dan voor pasen! Nee gekheid hij is mooi en prachtig de fotos lekker buiten. Leuk detail ook de label van Texas. Die gehaakte blokjes vind ik ook het einde. Het is omdat ik er niet aan mag beginnen..... Maar kriebelen doet het wel. Fijne dag vandaag!

  4. Wat een ongelofelijk gezellige quilt is het geworden! En ook je haakwerk mag er wezen...

  5. Ik ben zo verliefd op deze quilt, vind haar zo mooi. Ooit maak ik haar hopelijk ook eens. Dat dochterlief er nog maar jaren van mag genieten.


  6. Engels lezen kost me nu even te veel tijd Phyllis maar je quilt vind ik helemaal superdesuper. Ik heb het al eerder gezegd, maar nu met het rose biesje er langs is het écht af.

  7. Van je Eline's Stars quilts kun je wat mij betreft nooit genoeg foto's laten zien, hoor, want ze is prachtig! Leuk om te lezen hoe aan haar lapjes bent gekomen, en hoe je haar hebt gequilt! Nog een heel fijne Pasen voor wat er nog van rest, en groetjes van Ageeth

  8. Your star quilt is so fun to look at. I've never hand quilted an entire quilt without using a hoop but I bet it is relaxing.:)


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