zondag 18 mei 2014

A great day for a foodie!

I am sorry this is not a quilty blogpost (yet) as promised but I just have to tell you about yesterday!

We are both foodies, just love good food, so with hubs birthday coming up and never knowing what to give him, I was happy to find the answer here a few weeks ago: on Francesca’swonderful foodblog!

So I booked a table for the champagne brunch for yesterday at the beautiful ConservatoriumHotel in Amsterdam:


The lobby is beautiful with lots of glass and plants, so light and spacious:


The lobby was built around the old outer walls of the Amsterdam Conservatory:


Our table was booked in the Tunes restaurant,


Let the food fun begin!

In English:

First course, for me (I always chose this when I see it on a menu), eggs Benedict (with some caviar this time, mmmm):


Second course:

Third course:

Fourth course, my favourite of the day:


Fifth course, dessert:


There was live music in the restaurant (some light jazz)


Before we left the restaurant Onno was given a small gift, because it was his birthday, so thoughtful:

And as a quilter I could not resist taking this picture of the floor near the entrance before we left:

We had the most wonderful afternoon, the hotel and restaurant are beautiful, the atmosphere chique but still cozy, the food excellent and the service impeccable, friendly without being intrusive, I fully recommend this and we will definitely be back!

But then the foodie fun wasn’t over yet, because when I got home and opened my email I found an email from Francesca herself informing me that I had won one of thegive-aways she organised because of her 2 year blog anniversary (is it called a blogaversary?)!


And it is no small prize, a Cuisinart Juicer!  The first give-away I ever won, but it was worth ‘waiting for’!

The juicer will look beautiful on my kitchentop and will keep us happy with many tasty and healthy juices this summer, am looking up recipies already!

It was a great day for a foodie and a lot of it thanks to Francesca! Thank you again!


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat heeft dit gebouw een leuke bestemming gekregen en wat is het mooi geworden. Ik ken het nog als conservatorium want DS heeft daar eindexamen gedaan. De lunch ziet er ook niet verkeerd uit.

  2. Wat een heerlijke lunch. Nog gefeliciteerd wat een prachtige prijs heb je gewonnen.

  3. Wat een genot voor de smaakpapillen en de entourage was ook niet slecht! Gefeliciteerd met je prachtige gewonnen prijs en gefeliciteerd met je man!

  4. Wat ziet dat er allemaal bijzonder en mooi uit! Toevallig dat ik laatst op Travel channel iets over dat restaurant gezien heb en nu ben jij er geweest. ;-)
    Gefeliciteerd met je gewonnen prijs!

  5. We are the kind of people that live in a very rural area, eat fairly simple food and never feel that we're missing out. That being said--your food pictures look divine!!:)

  6. I know exactly what you mean and that is one of the reasons why we love for instance Texas so much, the food there is superb, especially the more simple food and that is because of the high quality of the products. We are foodies, love all kinds of good food and will make the effort to go to certain places for good food, posh or simple. This was splashing out for a special occasion (which is why it is on the blog, it was very special for us) and in the end it cost less than some of presents I could have bought my husband, but it has given us a very special memory. We prefer that to a 'thing'. As foodies, we have more memories like that are about food and special meals, and by far most of them are of a simpler nature than this!


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