vrijdag 18 mei 2012

She's here!

Always having been a handquilter I never owned a good sewing machine, but when I 'crossed paths' with a nice Featherweight machine some time ago I could not pass it by and bought it, I just thought it was beautiful.

Again, always having been a handquilter I never did much with it. I did buy a really nice Pfaff sewing machine sometime thereafter (in a bid to work on some projects a bit quicker and out of sheer curiosity) and after help from among others Jantine and workshops from among others Lucy, I found I really liked working on a sewing machine as well, even patching and quilting a quilt on my Pfaff.

But because I have soooo many projects going on (does that sound familiar?!), there was just never time to do something with my Featherweight.
Until recently that is. I got the machine out and did some sewing on it. I really enjoyed it, the sound, the stitches….

But then of course, having contracted the Featherweight bug, I started looking at websites ….   and I saw a beautiful machine which had something my old gal did not have, a side plate with a beautiful design on it!

And the rest is history as they say ….  ‘new’ machine quickly bought and ‘old’ machine quickly sold.
And then the waiting began for my new lady to arrive.

Today was the day! She is here!


After unpacking…

Isn’t she gorgeous… look at that…..!
What shall I call her? She is very attractive, shiny, sleek, slim, classy, elegant, surely disciplined (considering  the very good condition she is in at her age), I know… The Duchess!

In case you are interested, I found The Duchess here:www.singersewinginfo.co.uk
Time to try her out!
Enjoy your day!

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