dinsdag 8 mei 2012

Jules, George and a bunch of flowers

Now that the excitement of the Open European Quilt Championships in Veldhoven is behind us (wasn’t it great?!), time for an update of what I am working on.

First of all Jules:-
I have always called it ‘Jules’, but actually it is the by now famous mystery quilt from French quilter Veronique Requena, loved it from the moment I saw it in her book, bought the book, but never came around to starting it. Until Dorry offered it as a BOM so I joined first time around (I understand there is a second ‘batch’ of quilters making it again via a BOM from Dorry’s shop).

The fabrics were chosen by Jose, great job, and the blocks were just so much fun to make. I have finished most of them, just one more block to patch/applique, but I do still need to embroider most blocks and put the lovely wooden buttons on.
So here is block one, a lovely, but large angel. All finished except for her hair, I will treat her to a trip to the hairdresser’s once the quilt is finished.

Second George:-
Actually King George III quilt. Via the Scrappy George program of Petra Prins’shop, I receive the pattern of one of the blocks each month together with a bag of assorted ‘scraps’. Each participant receives a different bag with fabrics, so all the quilts will be different.

For this first block I used most of the fabrics I received. In the following blocks I found myself using less of the fabrics received and more of my own. Not because I did not like the fabrics (au contraire!), but further into the program you get more of a feel for this quilt and I find I want to go into a certain direction with the colors I am using for my blocks. More on that at a later stage.

And then DH surprised me with this last Saturday:-

I guess I acted somewhat surprised, because he said: “You did not think I would forget Mother’s Day tomorrow, do you?”…….
Well, obviously he did not, he was a week early!!
Enjoy your day!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Jules, Georg as well as your husband are gorgeous!!!

  2. heerlijk blogje...mooie werkstukjes..en prachtige bloemen...heerlijk!!..
    Fijne dag..;0)

  3. Haha, beter een week te vroeg als te laat zou ik zeggen! Mooie blokken heb je gemaakt en inderdaad, prachtige stoffen. Is er een reden waarom je in het Engels blogt?

  4. OOh wat een man :-)

    Ik heb geprobeerd je comment op mijn blog te beantwoorden maar je account staat op ' no reply'


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