donderdag 3 mei 2012

OEQC in Veldhoven

This is going to be a blog entry with a lot of pictures and little text.

Today I went to the Open European Quilt Championships in Veldhoven.

I’d like to share with you some of the quilts I saw, there were a lot of quilts to see, all types of quilts to see, but since I love old quilts and we do not get many chances
to see them in The Netherlands most of my pictures are of these quilts.

A folded log cabin quilt, 1900’s , maker unknown

Frame quilt, 1900’s and 1920’s, maker unknown
White on white quilt, with red polka dots, love it!!
And this beautiful white on white quilt has the strangest name, look at the card!

There is a story here, what do you think the daughter has done??

One of my favorites: a quilt called ‘Deep within my heart lies a melody: A memory of Texas’. Great subject matter :-), wonderful execution.

Again it is all in the detail: look at this label!

Beautiful antique quilts from the collections of Joes Meester and Isabeau Reinders

There is so much more to see in Veldhoven, so if you are still going, have a really good time (I had!) if you do not get a chance to go, I hope you enjoyed my pictures!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Het zijn inderdaad prachtige quilts. Een bijzonder effect geeft dat, de polka dot en dan zo intensief doorgepit.
    Misschien vond dochter de quilt niet mooi of heeft zij anderszins haar moeder voor aap gezet.

  2. Mooi phyllis! Dat is genieten van die oude quilts!

  3. Prachtige quilts! Heerlijk om even mee te kijken in Veldhoven.

  4. Prachtig die quilt en leuk zo op je blog... weet niet of ik het red er naar toe te gaan dus dank dat je het zo laat zien.


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