donderdag 12 april 2012


Finally! Two days ago we went to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to meet and pick up our new dog, Whopper! It felt really strange to finally meet him in person, up until then we had only seen him on de website of his shelter in Spain where he was known under the name Vado and via a video the volunteers there made of him. We learnt of this shelter after reading about Josephine's experiences with her newly adopted dog, Pepper. For a long time we had been thinking about getting a dog and when we saw the dogs on this website we knew this was right for us.

So off we went to the airport, where we waited with a few other 'expectant' adoptive dog parents until the plane from Malaga landed. Again we had to wait and wait until finally Peter (owner of the shelter in La Linea, Spain) came through customs with the dogs!

We were lucky Peter himself came to The Netherlands with the dogs this time, usually the dogs come with volunteers, it was really great meeting the man himself! Unlike a few other dogs who were totally taken aback by the whole experience, our Whopper was happy and excited and as soon as he came out of his bench did his 'thing'! Luckily we brought a big roll of kitchen towel to clean it up with.

One last hug from Peter.....

and off to a new home!

So far he is doing great. Sleeping in his bench at night, DH on an inflatable bed still next to him! After day one, he already seems to be housetrained. Tomorrow first visit to the vet and next week first time to the puppytraining at our local dog school!

Promise I'll blog about quilty things soon, but I did so want to have the arrival (& related things) of Whopper on my blog.


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Aaaah, het lange wachten is beloond!! Morgen zie ik Peter ook voor het eerst in het "echie", bij de wandeling, komen jullie ook? Enne, ik blog ook weinig over quilten, tenzij het over quilts gaat die zich onder een hond bevinden...

  2. What a lovely little dog!!! I'm in love with Whopper!!!

  3. das geweldig dat dit hondje een nieuwe thuis krijgt, veel geluk en vele jaren met hem/haar.

    groetje, Ingrid

  4. It is a beauty and a little darling. And I can know now, since we met last night!


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