maandag 16 april 2012

First quilt

As promised in my last post this time I will write something about quilts, at last.

Jantine asked me about the quilt in the background of my blog. The reason I chose this quilt as a background is because it is a pineapple quilt. And as the pineapple block symbolizes welcome and good will I thought it was only fitting to have this quilt as the background of my blog (at least for now).

Also, it was my first finished full scale quilt. I finished it in 1991, a long time ago. I would use more color now, but am still happy with the quilt and use it every winter.

I tried to give it an old look with my fabrics choice, but at the time there were no Civil War like fabrics, unlike now. So, because of this and being a beginner at the time, I found myself somewhat limited in my choice of fabrics.

Because I could not find a lot of fabrics for this quilt at regular quiltshops at the time I bought some of them at the Boerenbonthal , then only in Amsterdam. I still like to go there, especially since they are now in The Hague also.

Because the quilt is handpatched and handquilted (in the ditch) it is really soft.

The block size is approx. 10"/ 26 cm, which makes the size of the quilt approx. 80"x 70" / 205 x 180 cm.

Each blocks consists of 57 pieces, which makes 3.192 pieces in the quilt...... just can't believe I did that by hand!

I still also really like the fabric for the binding!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. All by hand, I can't believe it either ;-). A pine apple is a lot of work anyway and then by hand, that must have cost you ages.
    I really love the fabrics, you did perfectly well without Civil War fabrics, maybe it is even more special because of it...

  2. How wonderful!! Completely handmade...... astonishing ....all these mini pieces!!
    You may be proud of this beautiful quilt.

  3. Wat istie MOOI!!!!!!!!!!
    En wat leuk dat je een blog hebt!

  4. Gefeliciteerd met je award, Phyllis. Altijd leuk om een nieuwe blog te ontdekken en ik vind je quilt meesterlijk. Echt, mijn complimenten, wat een werk en wat ontzettend gaaf. Groet, Wieke

  5. Mooi je quilt ! Je hebt er veel stofjes in gebruikt erg leuk !
    Stimuleerd me wel om mijn pine-apple verder te maken (voor de kerst ...)
    Veel plezier en succes ook met je blog !


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