vrijdag 20 april 2012

Award... me??

An award for my blog...??? Wow, I am so pleased! Not that I am into awards at all, but this one is really nice, because it is for blogs with less than 200 followers and aims to give them a bit more exposure. And blogs, I guess you write them in part for other people to read and so it is a way of making new (online) friends. Otherwise you may as well keep a diary.

So I am really pleased that Josephine thought of my blog also when handing out her Liebster Awards. Thank you Josephine, for 'getting my blog out there', I really appreciate it.

Now, there are a few rules to receiving a Liebster Award.

First rule: thank the blogger who gave you the award, check, see above.

Second rule: tell 5 things about yourself..... here we go...

1) I am a foodie, love good food. It does not matter if it is french fries with mayonaise (a Dutch thing) from a street vendor or a posh restaurant, the quality of the food has to be gooooood.

Will tell you at a later date where you can get the best french fries ever in The Hague & food will definitely be on the menu on this blog now & then, watch out for it.

2) Did you know:

I have had a period of about 10 years when I did not quilt at all? Can you imagine?! However, I did keep all my quilting materials in 15 big boxes and took them with me during 4 house moves, never unpacking them, until about 3 years ago. And then I was fully addicted again. So much lost time!

3) That about 1,5 years ago I became a member of a great quilting bee here in The Hague and I am so pleased about that! We have some very different quilters in our group, very inspiring and I have learnt so much from them.

4) That I married my high school sweetheart? But not until some 17 years after we graduated. There is a hiatus there... story of my life (see nr 2 of this list)...??

5) That I loooove Texas & Houston & Texans!! After 4 summerholidays there and 2 visits to the Quilt Festival in Houston, I am a believer! Great state, great city, great people.

Third rule:

Pass the Liebster Award on to 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers:-

1) Quiltwel, Hubertine's blog, such fun! And varied too, quilts, cats & rock (check out Mullet!);

2) Urban Style, Jantine's blog, great quilts, great teacher who helped me make my first quilting stitches on a sewingmachine;

3) Tovernaald, great looking blog and quilts;

4) Crea-Marcha, we had so much fun in November during Ted Storm's 3-day Applique Masterclass and she her work is so neat..

5) Stitch and Travel, I love reading about Yvonne's travels and stitches!

I have passed the award on now and hope the bloggers in question like this. However, do not feel obliged to do the same, I passed the award on for the reason I am happy to have received mine. It is not a chain letter, it is not a 'must', feel free follow the 3 'rules' and also to pass the award on or not, as you wish.



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  1. Hallo Phyllis, dank je wel voor de Award, ik voel me vereerd. Dat zijn er twee op één dag, ik kreeg er ook al een van Martine.