woensdag 2 september 2015

Bella Italia!

With the weather showing signs of changing into fall I think back of the lovely holiday in Italy we enjoyed just a few weeks ago in Italy. Besides some city trips, Italy was new to us and the only thing I can say is that was fabulous!

We flew to Bologna, such a different world after a flight of just 1,5 hrs! We spent the first night there, our hotel was part of the famous portico’s (a Unesco world heritage site), so all we had to do is walk via the portico’s to the central piazza of this very elegant town. We had a lovely dinner underneath the portico’s, a great start to our holiday.

Even the McDonalds looks elegant in Bologna! Sorry about the fences, they were re-doing the road surface.

Breakfast was yummy, the Italians start the day with something very sweet (cakes etc) and perfect coffee , our hotel had a professional barrista present at breakfast who made your coffee to order.


The next day we went back to the airport to pick up the rental car and drove 2,5 hours to the apartment we rented at La Giravolta (click)  just outside of the village of Barchi, in Le Marche. The last half hour it was pouring with rain, so when we arrived with the help of the owner, we quickly put our luggage into our apartment, I made dinner with the groceries we bought on the way and went to sleep early.
Next morning we woke up to this: beautiful weather and a gorgeous view.

As it turned out I made the right choice both with regards to the area, Le Marche,  as well as with regards to where we were staying. La Giravolta is a property that consists of two buildings, beautifully restored, with a few spacious, modern apartments and a great infinity pool. The atmosphere was great. To be honest, their website does not do it justice, the www simply can not. The views, the silence, the smell of lavender everywhere, it was so beautiful and so relaxing.



I loved that pool!

Getting the groceries was special too. The village of Barchi was a walk up a path behind La Giravolta, through a field, rather steep, but you got your reward walking back down again! That view made it so special!


I can honestly say that this walk down to La Giravolta made these trips the best, most special shopping trips ever for me.
The area of Le Marche is beautiful, with its hills, winding roads, medieval villages etc., and – important for us- not packed with tourists. It is located on the Adriatic Coast and there are very nice beach resorts, the sea is turquoise and warm.
And the food, oh the food. Soooo delicious, as are the wines. The restaurants? A lot of them, because of the hills, have terraces with beautiful views, it is like being on a movieset, constantly.
We made the most of the (sea!)food and the restaurants!

Dinner is mostly an all-evening affair

We did do other things besides eating…
The old villages have been beautifully restored and are impeccable. So, so clean, not a piece of paper (or chewing gum)  on the streets, nothing. The people really respect their history and their heritage and they are very disciplined about their waste and garbage.
So we did some sight seeing.
A walk up to the upper town of Urbino (again, the town was spotless), I loved all those small passages and open doors everywhere. Also this famous place, there were tourists but not very many.


And Mondavio, 15 mins from where we were staying:

Again, spotless streets!

August is the month where all the factories are closed so most people are on holiday. It is also the month where there are a lot of town parties, they can last 3 – 4 days. So we enjoyed a few of those.

In Fano:


In Mondavio (again) , the medieval plays in the evening time:
Also here, mostly local people,  just a few tourists and a great atmosphere.


Our daughter Eline spent a few days staying with one of her friends whose family has a holiday home about 2 hours from where we were staying.

She spent the better part of a week there with her friend and family, had a super time but was a bit unlucky too.
Eline and her friend went horse riding in the fields a few times during those days. Unfortunately the last day not all went well. While galloping Eline was unable to avoid a branch with thorns and she suffered a deep cut in her right arm which needed stitches, so she was taken to hospital. The stitches have been taken out now, looks like they did a good job and we just feel lucky it was her arm and not her face, because it will remain a scar.



Lucky enough this happened only two days before we were due to go home, because swimming was out of the question after this.

So we decided to end this wonderful holiday doing something all three of us love…..J!


Besides Eline’s horse riding incident it was a lovely, wonderful, relaxing holiday and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We will come back to this beautiful place!


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wat had je een heerlijke vakantie, wat een lieflijke plekjes vond je.... dank voor het mee mogen genieten.....
    Hoop dat het weer goed gaat met DD's arm...... wat een pech!
    Nazomerse groetjes van huis tot huis....

  2. Ziet er allemaal erg lekker en mooi uit!!

  3. Wat een schitterende foto's van je Italië vakantie.
    Heerlijk weer en lekker eten, wat wil je nog meer.
    Wel akelig dat je dochter dat ongelukje kreeg zeg.
    Ik hoop dat haar arm snel weer opknapt.

  4. Heerlijk om nieuwe plekjes te ontdekken en zo te lezen en te zien hebben jullie een pareltje ontdekt! Bij het zien van die heerlijke Italiaanse gerechten loopt het water me in de mond!

  5. Zo te lezen en te zien een HEERLIJKE vakantie!

  6. Wat heb ik even heerlijk zitten genieten van de prachtige foto's van jullie vakantie in La Marche, terwijl de regen hier met bakken naar beneden komt. Het ziet er allemaal zo mooi, gezellig en vooral ook heel smaakvol uit; ik kan me goed voorstellen, dat je nu wellicht wat heimwee naar Italie hebt. En dat paardrijden is ook zo risicovol, en Eline heeft echt geluk gehad, dat de tak haar gezicht niet heeft geraakt! Welkom terug in het druilerige Nederland!
    Groetjes van Ageeth

  7. Heel heel erg mooi je fotos en je verhaal. Ik klik natuurlijke ven verder dit ziet er allemaal geweldig mooi uit ook het zwembad multo bella. Volgens mij is zwmebad vrouwlijk. Enfin een top vakantie! Beetje jammer vand e oaard ervaringv an jullie dochter. En je ziet er zelf ook echt italiaans uit:)

  8. So glad your daughter is OK. Looks like a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing.


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