woensdag 26 augustus 2015

Presents for (quilt) friends

It has been quiet on my blog.

For two reasons: I was busy on two secret projects I showed you bits of before and I went on a lovely holiday, still getting used to being back home……
But at least now I can show you at least one of the secret projects, a goodbye (not farewell, that much is sure!) to my dear friend Emma who moved back to France recently.

Since Emma is a (very accomplished!) quilter herself it was no use making her a quilt of any sort, so I had to come up with something different.

Thinking that as a busy mother of two younger children she is always juggling all sorts of schedules  and reminders in her head I thought a brocante looking memory board would be nice and also I could attach to it small reminders of the fun times we had together as well as some small gifts. As I am only handy with fabrics and not much else I bought the memory board.
But I did want to make her something myself (and not just give presents that I bought) so I made her a keyring for her beautiful renovated home in France.


As our dogs Whopper and Bailey are also best friends and spent many hours together during their playdates (that recently involved a red stuffed chicken J  ) a picture of Whopper could not be left out.


Living around the corner from me and having so much in common we spent lovely mornings and afternoons together, I will miss being able to just pop over for a cuppa and a chat.

And while we are on the subject of presents for friends, I never showed you the finished present that I made for fellow Feathergirl Hubertine when it was her birthday earlier this year.

I bought a small tray (to take small sewing items with her around the house or her roof terrace) and made a mini quilt for it.


And now back to sorting out all those pictures from our holiday…. Hope you had a lovely summer too, either at home or elsewhere.




10 opmerkingen:

  1. Zelf gemaakte kadootjes altijd HEEL speciaal, en ze zijn LEUK geworden!! Jij bent van alle markten thuis en nu lekker nagenieten van je vakantie bij het uitzoeken van de foto's suc6. Zwaaizwaai knuff van mij

  2. Thank you so much again Phyllis for your beautiful gift it has pride of place in my new sewing space and for your kind words, I will really miss you but I know we will always be good friends. Xxx

  3. Geweldig leuk, mooi, lief en origineel, je cadeautjes, zowel voor Emma als voor Hubertine! P.s.... heb je een tijd geleden, al ruim voor de vakantie een mailtje gestuurd, maar geen idee of dat misschien in je spam-box is terecht gekomen ( ca. 5 weken geleden).
    Hoop, dat je een heerlijke vakantie hebt gehad!
    Groetjes van Ageeth

  4. Geweldig leuk!! Wat zit ik te genieten van je foto's. ..

  5. Wat een leuke en persoonlijke cadeaus heb je gemaakt, daar zullen de ontvangers zeker blij mee zijn!

  6. Wat een enige cadeautjes Phyllis! Vooral dat memory bord ga ik onthouden! Wel heel erg jammer voor je dat Emma verhuisd is!

  7. I love the tray! What a great idea! The memory board is wonderful as well. What a darling little keyring :0)

  8. Wat een leuke kadootjes Phyllis. Leuk om te maken, te geven en....te krijgen. Zullen de dames heel blij mee zijn.

  9. Wat een leuke cadeautjes heb je gemaakt. En dat lichte blauwe koffertje. Waar heb je dat vandaan? Zo schattig!
    Het mini uiltje voor je feathergirl is een dotje. :-)

  10. Very thoughtful gift, she will treasure it. I love the doggie buddies too. Glad you had a nice holiday.


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