donderdag 27 november 2014

Houston Quilt Festival 2014 - 3 -

So here it is my third and final blogpost of the Houston Quilt Festival this year.

This time let’s start with some inspiration from the antique booths:

Just these booths are worth the trip!


Apart from the fabulous red and white quilts, the Mary Koval antique quilts and the French Quilts de Legende exhibitions (previous blogposts) two other exhibitions were favorites of mine:

First up (not really my style, but I am a doglover, so loved to see some of these):

As owner of a rescuedog I fully agree with the above!

Below my favourite quilt of this exhibition:
Every dog owner knows this look I am sure and this quilter captured it perfectly!
The other exhibition I loved was this one,  the exhibition with quilts by Di Ford and Michelle Yeo. Some of Di’s quilts are favourites of mine, I have seen them before, but it is always good to see them again.


All this walking indoors, all the quilts, all the inspiration, all the people, sometimes you just want to take a step back and have a few minutes to yourself. Easy to do at the George Brown Convention Centre, it has a beautiful and large park (Discovery Green) in front of it and it is lovely to walk outside (with a large latte J ) and just sit there for a bit, especially in this beautiful weather!



I spent some time here every afternoon, it was lovely, I don’t understand there are not more quilters doing this, look at all the empty benches!
And with regards to the large latte… you know at Starbuck’s they always ask you for your name, so they can make sure you get the correct order in the end….. I am used to people mis-spelling my name in The Netherlands, but here.. and this?!

Lucky for me when I go to the Quilt Festival I get to stay at a friend’s house in the lovely neighbourhood of The Heights, when the weather is nice it is a great place for a walk, lovely houses and of course when I was there it was Halloween!



Halloween was also the theme at other places in Houston, look at the movie playing in the cinema in River Oaks!

And when in Houston, some (non quilt related) shopping needs to be done as well, a morning at The Galleria, with the ice rink at the ground floor

to make sure I could walk ‘on Air’ during my days at the Quilt Festival, I can soooo recommend these shoes!

Always fun to see they sell Dutch things here too

Love the sense of humour of the Houstonians!
And I spotted Hubertine’s ride of two years ago (was lucky enough to catch a ride in this car with her at that time as well)

Which I think is a fitting picture to end this series of blogposts of my visit to the Quilt Festival and Houston.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, looking at them I miss Houston so much!




8 opmerkingen:

  1. Weer genoten van een prachtig verslag van jouw bezoek aan Houston! Geweldig, de Di Ford-quilts (ik ben fan) en ook die hondjes zijn echt knap gemaakt, maar de "afdeling antiek" zou ook zeker mijn voorkeur hebben. Prachtige huizen ook, daar in de omgeving. En je naam zo geschreven, terwijl ze jouw naam zeker moeten kennen (benieuwd wat ze van die van mij zouden maken ;)). Bedankt voor je geweldige verslag! Groetjes van Ageeth

  2. Heerlijk, ik heb genoten van je gezellige Houston blogjes! Niet zo gek dat je het mist, geniet nog lekker na van alles. Knuffel van mij

  3. Thanks. Zo genoten van je Houston blogs. Wat een aanbod.

  4. Wat een heerlijk quiltparadijs om in rond te lopen, lijkt mij. Dank je wel voor je verslagen, leuk om zo mee te kunnen genieten.

  5. Heerlijk genoten van je mooie foto's! Je krijgt er inderdaad een soort heimwee van..... Gillen hoe je naam werd gespeld en herkenbaar ook. Ik heb ook al,heel veel varianten lang zien komen! We zouden ze moeten bewaren!

  6. Wat een boel moois heb je weer gedeeld met ons; reden om daar toch maar eens te gaan kijken...

  7. OOhh die antieke quilts zijn zoo mooi.... ( en de 'bighorn auto' offcourse)

  8. Beautiful pictures! I never did tell you - I saw you at Festival. But I was walking in one direction and you were walking in the other. By the time it clicked in my mind that I had just past you, and I turned around, you were gone.


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