maandag 10 november 2014

Houston Quilt Festival 2014 - 1 -

So much to show you, so I will do this in two posts.

The exhibitions at the Quilt Festival were beautiful this year, the best I have seen so far (this was my fourth visit).

I don’t use the word often nor easily, but the red and white exhibition (put together because this was the 40th edition of the Quilt Festival, their Ruby Jubilee) was amazing, I could not get enough of it!

Every day I went to the Festival I made sure to enter through Hall D because then the first thing I saw was this:


The inspiration for this exhibition clearly was the Red and White Infinity Exhibtion a few years ago in New York (click).
More from the red and white exhibition:



I wasn’t alone at the Festival , it is always fun to meet up with friends from home in such far away places!

Back to the exhibitions: another very special exhibit was this one: the Tristan Boutis Quilt:


In order to show the workmanship  the quilt was lit from underneath, something I had never seen before.

Contrary to how wonderful the exhibtions were, I found the sales booths less so… strangely enough I did not buy as much as I expected to….  (and back on the plane I spoke to two Dutch quilters who had the same experience).
Fabric wise the choice was disappointing…. Very few repro fabrics, the ones I saw were either too dark (there was a tendency towards primitive work  – lots more primitive style booths this year - which probably influenced the fabric choices made by other booths)  or the fabrics were already in my stash … but maybe that says something about my stash ;-)   ?!

Also I looked out for the more modern fabrics I like: Bonnie & Camille, the new Cotton & Steel collection etc.  but could not find them…..

So in the end I only bought a few fabrics, some notions and then decided to fill up my suitcase with batting, four packages of battings to be precise: two queen size silk battings and two twin size battings of a blend that I did not know yet: 80% cotton/20% wool.
They both feel wonderful and so now I have a batting stash too!

See you back here next time for more from the Quilt Festival!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik zou zomaar 'slappe knieƫn' krijgen van al die rood/witte quilts! Erg mooi. Gaaf hoor dat je daar geweest bent. Ik zag op een ander weblog wel veel moderne stoffen? Dat leek mij wel leuk maar misschien is dat een heel andere smaak. Of lijkt het op de foto's leuker. Die boutis is ook erg mooi zeker zo met dat licht!

  2. Toe maar dat vliegt ook weer even de grote plas over:):):):) weer helemaal opgeladen met quilt ideeen. Bijzonder die quilt over die lichtbak! Gezellig eten. En je koffer gevuld met tussenvulling. Werd je niet extra gecontroleerd wat moet ze met al die tussen vulling die bagage is niet pluis. Jammer dat je je niet hebt kunnen uitleven aan aankoop van stoffen. Maar een lekker uitje heb je maar weer mooi gehad. Leuk.

  3. Prachtig die rode quilts bijeen! Jammer dat festival tegenviel. Ik hoorde in Utah dat veel zaken niet zijn geweest dit jaar. Hoop dat de rest van de reis het heeft goedgemaakt.

  4. Those red and white quilts look amazing. thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. Lucky, lucky, lucky you! I wish I would have been able to see the original show in NYC and this exhibit looks it would have been a great second choice.

  6. Super mooie foto's laat je zien, ook van de rode carrousel

  7. I would have loved to have seen the red and white exhibit. I'm sure the pictures hardly do it justice! Too bad about not finding exciting fabric at the vendors. Some years are just 'off' years I think.

  8. Wat een inspiratie, al die rode quilts! Schitterend!

  9. Prachtig, die rode quilts. Wat vreemd dat er zo weinig reproductie stofjes waren.

  10. Hoe klein is de wereld toch maar weer. zo ver weg en dan toch weer een bekende tegen komen.
    Mooi erg mooi de rode quilts zo.
    Rood is niet echt mijn kleur maar als je dit ziet dan wil je.........
    De quilt van onderen verlicht komt zo wel heel erg mooi tot zijn/haar recht.



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