woensdag 4 december 2013

Quilting with friends

Quilting with friends is always lovely and often very helpful! Recently Anita helped me to spray sandwich my wonky star quilt. Not only that but when I started this quilt she let me and Eline go through her scrap boxes to find fabric for this quilt and we found a lot! It appears that her scrap boxes were filled with scraps from another bee member, Irma, so her fabrics wound up in this quilt as well, as did some scraps from Jantine. Great fun to work with friends’scraps!

And last week was a lovely, quillty kind of week.
First, on Saturday I went to Petra’s shop again. Hadn’t been there in a long time and as usual the place was full of inspiration.

Then on Tuesday, I went over to Emma’s, (quilt)friend/almost neighbour for a morning of sewing. She is working on the Robin’s Nest quilt, so beautiful. I admire her, not only because her work is so precise, but she has a quality which I lack: she finishes one quilt before starting another………no ufo’s at Emma’s!

That same evening it was bee night at my place. Unfortunately three ladies could not make it but still lots of different work around the table.

And the next day a friend came over from Heemstede for an afternoon of sewing. Like me she has had a period of several years without quilting and recently took it up again. She is taking the applique course at The Sampler, with great results.


Having friends over is a nice opportunity to try some baking again, I made these: sour cream pop cookies.

They are like soft cookies and they were yummy. I used this recipe, but without the frosting. And for the ‘shortening’ I used about 75 grams of margarine.
The cups and spoons measurements mentioned in this recipe are the regular American sizes.

I got my sets over 25 years ago when a friend brought them from the US for me, at the time it was impossible to get them over here, but maybe these days they can be bought at  good cookery shops in The Netherlands also.

That was my week and it was nice one, how was yours?


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  1. Een brok gezelligheid Phyllis. Maar de koekjes lijken me ook helemaal super. Enne.......niet teveel he! haha

  2. You were kind of busy with all of us ;-). The joyu of findind a scrap of the first coat I sewed myself about 30 uears ago in Elines quilt. So fun!

  3. wat een heerlijkheid, zoveel gezelligheid en quilterij :0)

  4. quilting with friends and some delicious cookies, this is Chrsitmas before Christmas!!! I wish I had Emma's quality too ;-)

  5. Heerlijk zo'n week van het ene quiltfeestje naar het andere. Je hebt vast weer veel inspiratie opgedaan voor een nieuwe quilt bij Petra. De koekjes zien er heerlijk uit!

  6. Hello Phyllis. You do not know me, but I have read your blog and we know so many of the same people. Caroline Dijkerman just returned to den Haag after two weeks quilting with me in Seattle, Washington (USA). I love the quilt shop in Zutphen, of course, and especially liked the tree of life you saw in London. I have visited Yvonne's quiltbee. Perhaps on my next visit I can join you, as well. Good quilting wishes,

  7. Wat zie ik veel moois hier. Heerlijk naar Zutphen en lekkere koekjes. En ook veel gezelligheid,

  8. Leuk om ook de scraps van vriendinnen te mogen gebruiken hé? Ik heb laatst ook lekker mogen snuffelen in de dozen van mijn vriendin en de gevonden lapjes gaan allemaal in míjn farmers wife. ;-)
    Mooi daar bij Petra... ik ben er nog nooit geweest maar ga zeker eens kijken hoor.

  9. Nog een poging kan op eoa manier geen bericht achterlaten. Wat ik wel wil... Mazzelaar om lekker bij quiltgirls te graaien! Hij is errug leuk zo en je eigen baksels echt perfect onregelmatig! De beste dus...

  10. Wat een heerlijke week vol quilterige en lekkere dingen, geniet nog lekker na van alles! Knuffel Else

  11. Wat een gezelligheid allemaal!
    het was leuk je weer te zien in Zutphen...
    fijne avond....

  12. I certainly don't have the ability to only work on one project :-)
    I enjoyed seeing your fun week. Mine included friends too, and snow

  13. Heerlijke quiltweek heb je achter de rug. Je vraagt mij hoe het was: zie mijn blog http://rennie-stitchenbonsai.blogspot.com. Fijne dagen!


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