maandag 16 december 2013

I am angry!

Anger is not a very Xmassy emotion, I know, but in my home town of The Hague unfortunately this year anger has something to do with Christmas this year.

I love my hometown and one of my favourite places, ever since I was a child growing up in The Hague, is the chique Passage, I wrote about it in this blogpost last Christmas and showed you this picture.

Isn’t it beautiful?
I always love going to the Passage around this time, to see this huge Christmas tree with all those lights. Often on weekends there are Christmas carol singers or children playing Christmas songs on their violins for some pocket money. The acoustic in the Passage is wonderful, which makes it all a bit magical.

It is a good thing I made this picture last year, because from now on it will not look like this anymore. From now on the place will be empty and silent and right now it looks like this.

And not just this year, apparently our beautiful Christmas tree will not return at all anymore.
Why? You may think it is because of the economic crisis or lack of money….. but nooooooo that is not the case…….
It is because behind those black boards a new Apple Store is being built and the Apple company does not want that tree it front of its Store………….. Apparantly in its rental agreement Apple has negotiated that the tree will not be put up any more from now. I am just sooooooo angry about this and I apparently I am not the only one.

You can see more about it here, start watching at 7.40 mins (it is in Dutch)
To be honest, it is good news our town is getting an Apple Store, they make the most wonderful Stores in wonderful buildings everywhere in the world, it is good for the city, it brings jobs etc. etc .  And yes, I like Apple products, I do have an Iphone, we have an Ipad. But that does not give a huge company with $$$$$ to spend the right to take away local traditions! There is more to ‘moving’ into a town than just $$$$$!
What a stupid thing to do on both sides, Apple and the other party in the rental contract to take away this lovely tradition. (Honestly ‘other party’ whoever you are, a Christmas tree would not have been a deal breaker, you lack negation skills to say the least!)
And what a missed opportunity by Apple too, are their marketing peeps asleep? Why not put up that beautiful tree in front of the Store each year, pay for it with all those Apple $$$$$ and put a sign next to it: ‘Sponsored by Apple’, or something.
Give those children with the violins and the carol singers back their place next to the Christmas tree, and give us back that special place downtown full of Christmas spirit, instead of this bare rotunda where nothing is happening right now and where - once the Store is there -  only shoppers will walk, just like every other day of the year.
Certainly the local people will go to the Store and spend their money and buy Apple products, so Apple, do the decent thing: give something back to our community, give us back our Christmas tree, our Christmas tradition, it is CHRISTMAS after all, a time for giving not taking!!
I rest my case.

20 opmerkingen:

  1. Why not write to Apple US or something. This is ridiculous.

  2. Phyllis begrijp je helemaal maar ik kan er niets aan doen nie! Er moeten toch meer Hagenaars Hagenezen (oeps schrijfje dat wel zo?) zijn die DE boom missen, misschien een krant aanschrijven!! Of wat Annelies al schreef. Kerst knuffel van mij

  3. Zo zie je maar weer! Als mensen dollartekens in hun ogen krijgen, is er gelijk sprake van aangepast gedrag. Waarden en normen zijn dan ver te zoeken. Wees blij dat jij wel een eigen mening hebt. Ik ben het volkomen met je eens.

  4. Oh wat erg! Weer 'in'landers die de dienst uitmaken!
    Ben het helemaal met je eens!

  5. Prachtig pleidooi, ben het helemaal met je eens. Te gek voor woorden om zoiets op te laten nemen in een huurcontract! Wat een gemiste kans van Apple! Dom, dommer, domst zou ik zeggen, ik wens ze veel wijsheid toe voor de toekomst!

  6. Oh this makes me so sad! I have been to your beautiful city on several occasions and I have seen that gorgeous tree. My husband and I spent a snowy Christmas there once. I do hope that something will happen so that the tree and traditions can continue next year.

  7. Zo dat is een geweldige start van familie appel. Hup lekker die tradities overboord. Lekker veel ruchtbaarheid aan geven. Laat toche ens een keer iets moois heel. Nou ja zucht succes verder. Kan me levendig voorstellen dat je hier enorm van baalt.

  8. That's just too bad. I am so sorry. That was one of the most beautiful Christmas trees. Hopefully maybe the decision will be reconsidered.

  9. Nou ja!! Zijn ze nou helemaal!! Iedereen zijn Apple de deur uit en vlug!
    Wat een macht denken die lui te hebben zeg.

  10. Hey Phyllis, Well said (written)! I agree with you 100%. I'm not sure what Apple was trying to accomplish?! I'm sure their sales at xmas time are crazy-stupid beyond normal sales?! Visibility? Probably everyone knows this place and will know how to find the store even witht the big tree infront of it?! Well, the good news is that Apple is very sensitive to the public wishes (thus the sucess of their products). Perhaps a petition signed by a whole lot of your city dwellers is all it would take to change their minds?! Starting with Facebook was a really good idea! Good luck! Happy Holidays (anyway)! cheers, Claire W.

  11. Wat een streek, hebben ze dan helemaal geen gevoel in hun lijf, zowel de beheerder als Apple kunnen maar beter terugkomen op deze overeenkomst! Was twee weken terug nog daar en genoot van de mooie lopers en de sfeer een boom zou het helemaal af hebben gemaakt!
    Dus ik wens alle Hagenezen succes met hun actie om de boom terug te krijgen!

  12. That is so sad! I would think the beautiful tree, carolers and extra viewers at this time of year would only add to their business! I would write to the editor of the local newspaper too and complain!

  13. How sad. The Passage is such a treasure and especially at Christmas time with a tree. I live near a large Apple Store and they have lots of holiday decorations (although I don't remembr a tree, specifically). It would be interesting to hear what the store had to say about not allowing the tree - they usually are responsive to customer comments (in my experience). Happy Holidays, anyway.

  14. Heel goed gezegd! Het is inderdaad schande dat ze zo iets kunnen bedingen. Wie weet lukt het de Hagenaars en Hagenezen ;) hier iets aan te veranderen!

  15. Ik kom er niet zo vaak, maar ik ken dat plekje wel. En ik kan me je verontwaardiging heel erg goed voorstellen... Daar hoort toch gewoon die Kerstboom, die paar weekjes per jaar. Zijn ze bang, dat mensen de
    Apple Store anders niet kunnen zien of vinden... ik kan me dat echt niet
    voorstellen. Een boom weigeren, het kan echt niet, ik ben het helemaal met je eens, hoor.
    Groetjes van Ageeth

  16. Belachelijk, ander woord kan ik er niet voor verzinnen...

  17. Raar toch dat zo'n gemeente er dan mee akkoord gaat. Voor die drie weken dat er hier een boom staat. In Amerika staan ze dik een maand.
    Waar blijft de kerst gedachte hé?



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