maandag 18 februari 2013

Special days

The past week brought some special days.

First of all there was the Chinese New Year, always a big celebration in Chinatown in The Hague. You may have guessed by now and my friends definitely know that I love Chinatown, shopping there and eating there, so at Chinese New Year I’ll always go to have a look at the celebrations.

The waking of the dragon is always a colourful spectacle, but as usual it was too busy to get  a good picture. Luckily I was able to make a picture of the dragon before the ceremony.


Another reason I was there was to do my shopping for that evening, last week was just to practice for this night: sushi night with friends!

It is great to share a friendship with a fellow quilter, but even better if the families have a connection too. Our husbands and Hubertine’s son share a love of music, rock music that is, drums and guitars. They played together for the first time this evening,  that was great, at some stage I am sure pictures will follow on our blogs. Our daughters each made loads of sushi and we all enjoyed eating it!

Hubertine showed me some of her mother’s quilts, that was very special.

Later in the week of course, Valentine’s day! The surprises DH and I had for each other  somehow went slightly different than intended.
After 20 years together (!) my DH told me the week before Valentine’s that one of his favourite cakes is lemon cake….  so I thought I’d make him one for when he came home from work that day.

As you see it is still in the tin… it would not come out, my very first ever lemon drizzle cake, too sticky, I should have lined the cake tin with baking paper….. But it tasted good.

DH came home with a lovely bunch of flowers:

To his surprise on Sunday morning (3 days after Valentine’s day!) by the time the flowers had opened up a little, he noticed he bought me tulips (which I love by the way) instead of roses as he had planned to…. “I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I bought them….”
And on Saturday, Hubertine and I treated ourselves to a day to Zutphen, Petra Prins’ shop of course. So much inspiration in that shop!

We spent so much time in there that at some stage Bep decided to make us some tea so we could have a little rest.
Bought fabrics for my King George and Jacob’s Ladder quilts, want to get on with those. Walking back to the car noticed an apron in a shop window that was made for a quilter……………
“Darling, dinner is in the cookbook”

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk dat je naar het Chinees Nieuwjaar bent wezen kijken. Ik ben 1x in Chinatown geweest, een erg leuke buurt. En de rest van de week was ook erg gezellig, zo te lezen. Een bezoek aan Zutphen is nooit een straf. Die schort zal vast goed verkopen, grappige tekst.

  2. What a wonderful post Phyliss. I especially love the cook's apron!! That is wonderful that you and Hubertine share such a nice friendship that also includes your respective families.

  3. Tjeeeeeee........ wat een gezelligheid allemaal!!!

    ps: ik heb zaterdag toch zelf maar gekookt, nasi voor de Mullet-boys en een beetje voor ons tweetjes!

  4. Wat heb je een heerlijke week achter de rug, met als toetje Zutphen niet gek!! Die schort is helemaal leuk ook als spreuk in de keuken (lol) Fijne dag knuffel Else

  5. Mooie foto's en een leuk blog. Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe stofjes en dan oh dat schort gillen!!!! Tot donderdag!

  6. O, wat een heerlijk weekje! Genieten om je blog te lezen, moest wel lachen om de rozen die tulpen bleken! De sushi ziet er echt heerlijk uit! Tot donderdag!

  7. Dat lijkt me heel leuk om mee te maken zon optocht. Hihih klein verschilletje rode rozen of rode tulpen, dat schort hylarisch! Groetjes carina

  8. Great post and I do envy your time in the quilt shop - I'd probably still be in there now!

  9. Wat een kleurrijk geheel China-town......en in Zutphen!!!..;0)
    Jammer dat ik er niet was...volgende keer misschien....;0)
    tja en dan die ROZEN....ehhh....;0)
    Fijne dag

  10. Wat een gezellig berichtje. Ja, voor mij is de winkel van Petra Prins om de hoek. Da's fijn, maar dan is het ook weer niet meer zo speciaal om er heen te gaan. Lachen, dat verhaal van die tulpen/rozen.


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