woensdag 7 november 2012

Ah, the Quilt Festival....

What can I say? Of course it was wonderful, great, fun, inspiring, everything that I expected it to be, again. The only thing I will say is that the word ‘Festival’ is so well chosen, that is just what it is, a feast, a big, big party organised around quilts. Other than that, I will just show you some of my pictures, hope you enjoy them….:-
Sorry about the chair…
The lovely couple from Quilts from Mulberry Lane always have a beautiful booth
These were some of the pictures I took at the booths, as you can see all antique quilts. The booths with the newer items do not want you to take pictures unless you buy their patterns or kits. I understand that and don’t mind, I love antique quilts and find them very inspiring. I will post more about the Festival, also pictures of the various exhibitions. There was so much to see!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Je hebt het mooi verwoord! Ik zit nog na te genieten van alle indrukken!

  2. Like you said everything is so amazingly inspiring.

  3. nou snap ik de naam van je blog...oh oh quilts!!!..;0)
    Wat prachtig..en ze hangen er gewoon in bosjes..;0))
    Wat zul je genoten hebben!!!

  4. Heerlijk, al die foto's. Fijn dat je ons mee laat genieten. Ik heb net ook al bij Hubertine gekeken. Over een paar jaar hoop ik ook eens te gaan.

  5. Hello Phyliss, thanks for your message, this is my new blog! Your photos are stunning, the quilts so beautiful. Ann


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