woensdag 31 oktober 2012

By the time you read this .....

I will be here!!!!

This is a picture of 2 years ago, my first time at the Houston Quilt Festival, this was the banner that greeted us quilters flying in from all over the world just behind the immigration booths on your way down to the luggage belts at Houston Intercontinental Airport, isn’t that wonderful? Can you imagine something like this just behind our customs guys at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport before you reach the luggage belts….noooo…  but this is Houston, a very welcoming town, I love it!!

I packed my bags a few days ago, suitcase full of gifts and Dutch seasonal (Sinterklaas) goodies for the friends I will be staying with:

In the pink package, one pincushion for my friend, enjoyed making it so much made one for myself as well, although I don’t quite understand how they turned out to be different sizes..

I will be staying in a wonderful old neighbourhood of Houston called The Heights, look:

Yes, this is Houston also. And within the inner loop too, just 15 taxi minutes from downtown and the Convention Centre. Most visitors, also those visiting the Quilt Festival will not see much else than downtown, high rises, freeways and shopping malls, but there is so much more to this city.

And of course I have this to look forward to:

I hope to come back with lots of nice pictures for you (although at many of the booths and some of the exhibitions picture taking is forbidden, but I am sure there is still enough to be photographed), see you in a bit!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Good for you Phyllis, the Heights is so charming,i've been there too, the restaurants, charity shops, the architecture,the cosiest area in Houston.
    Enjoy Festival and all things around,best place for quilters in the whole world, Will in Paris

  2. Heel veel plezier!!! Het lijkt mij zo leuk om daar heen te gaan. Ik heb echt het plan, als alle kids het huis verlaten hebben, om dan naar alle quilttentoonstellingen toe te gaan. En die plaatjes van Houston en eerder ook van Texas vind ik verrassend mooi. Bij Texas denk ik aan olie, ruimtevaart en Bush, maar dat is duidelijk een heel vooringenomen beeld.
    Geniet maar lekker van de tentoonstelling. Ik hoop een heleboel foto's te zien van alle mooie quilts.

  3. Have fun Phyllis, hope to see you on thursday! Booth # 659 Quilt Therapy

  4. Maybe you used a different kind of linen with another count?
    Love the pincushion present, hope your friend will love it too!
    Enjoy your stay and please come back with lots of pictures ;-)!!!

  5. Keep those post coming. Thought I would give it a miss this year and now I'm a little envious! Enjoy, enjoy. Hope to visit in 2014 :)


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