donderdag 7 juni 2012

Whopper settling in ..

After a number of posts about quilting I thought I’d let you know how our Whopper is doing after his arrival in The Netherlands April 10.

Well, he is doing just fine. The first few weeks were a little hectic, we all had to get used to each other, but things have settled down now and we seem to have found a daily routine that suits us all.

Whopper loves his bench, he sleeps in it at night and loves to sleep away a large part of the morning there as well.

Now and then he is naughty, he is not allowed on our couch, but when you leave the room and return sometimes you see this…

He loves his toys, is not a great ball player, but loves to chew on  bones.

And loves ‘ducks’ and ‘chickens’…. dissecting them, that is!

And he passed his ‘inburgeringsexamen’(civic integration exam) , look!

Ready for the game on Saturday!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow it's a super dog! The next time I'll bring a new turkey! He deserves it!

  2. Oke, godzijdank is hij niet voor Spanje!! Toch nog best knap dat hij die latex speeltjes kapot krijgt!! Dat is mijn drietal nog niet gelukt!! Ben erg blij met je blogje over Whopper!!

  3. Wat een schatje! Leuk blogje over hem, ga je nog mailen.

  4. Bedankt voor je compliment Phyllis.
    Wat een enige hond heb je. Zijn snoetje lijkt precies op onze beagle van 15 jaar terug.

    groet, Heleni

  5. Wat een leuke foto's van Whopper.


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