zondag 19 mei 2019

April 2019 (3), Nantes, France, more on Pour l'Amour du Fil

My third blogpost about April, and my second about the quilt show in Nantes, Pour l’amour du Fil.

Last blogpost I shared a few of my favorite exhibitions, but there was so much more to see …. and to do!

There were the booths, 

at Petra Prins’ (click) , always beautiful and so much inspiration:-

also ‘across the street’ at Den Haan & Wagenmakers (click):-

another favorite, antiques and vintage at Jane Lury (click) :-

and beautiful colors everywhere:-

Quilters do not (just) see a lovely dress at this booth…..

…but vintage fabric!

Quilt shows are a great opportunity to meet people, the ones you meet in person for the first time:

 Will (click) 

 and those you ‘bump into’ from time to time 😊 

the lovely Rachel Daisy (click

always smiling and full of energy: Juud (click & click) .

There were more quilts to see other than the ones in the exhibitions, like the lovely and quilt Arlington Square by Emma Mary Newman of Emma Mary Designs (click) which could be seen in the Bloggers Corner.
Emma is also the owner of the Queen of Fabric shop (click) in Melbourne.
You can find the pattern for this quilt in Quiltmania #130.

Design talent runs in Emma’s family as she is the daughter of Judy Newman (click) , whose latest quilt Strafford Manor was in Quiltmania’s booth, scroll down for more

With all this walking, talking, meeting people, visiting the exhibitions, you need a break now and then and some yummy food!

Our energy levels restored after that great quiche Emma (click) and I attended Judy’s (click) workshop, the Strafford Manor quilt you saw before, isn’t is beautiful?

Applique tips and tricks!

After a fabulous few days in Nantes and at this show, we were sad to leave, but this was not the end of my quilting adventures in April!

More in my next blogpost, hope to meet you again here!

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  1. First to comment, so I may receive yours in my mail. Thank you in advance if you do comment, always love to receive them.

  2. April was echt wel een super maand voor je! Heerlijk verslag om mee te genieten!

  3. Ohhh beautiful memories for me too !! One regret : I missed you ! And Emma ... Ohhh next year ! Without fail !!

  4. Je komt ogen te kort. Wat een veelheid en zo gevarieerd. Echt genieten!🤗

  5. I can see where I'd have to have done some shopping!

  6. THank you for sharing your experience! I loved seeing the view from above. This is such a special show!

  7. Wat staan we er leuk op met z'n drietjes!

  8. Het was weer genieten van deze mooie impressie vanop de beursvloer Nantes.
    Ooh, die mand van Jane Lury. Daar heb ik ook dikwijls in zitten zoeken (en gevonden -:))
    Moeder en dochter als quiltontwerpers. Hoe bijzonder is dat!!
    Dankjewel voor je verslagje!!
    Groetjes, Liliane


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