maandag 9 mei 2016

Feathergirls 3.0, reveal time!

Recently, I read a blogpost by Audrey from the Quilty Folk blog (click) the other day where she wrote: "I just stare in disbelief at how little stitching I have accomplished for the entire day" and I know how she feels, only in my case I went days without stitching and that happened for weeks on end. Life sometimes takes over, too many people and too many ‘must-do’s ‘ pulling me in different directions and each of those directions was always away from my sewing.

Although things have not completely returned to normal yet, they have settled down enough for me to find some time for sewing, so I was able to turn my attention to our current Feathergirls project again.

The same goes for fellow Feathergirl Hubertine (click) and so, having made a good start on our third Feathergirls project, this time with a scrappy theme (click), we got together last week and showed eachother what we were working on….. tadaaaaaahhhhh!!

On the left hand side is Hubertine’s start, visit her blog here (click) to see and read more, on the right hand side is the beginning of my quilt top.

It is always so much fun to see what the other is doing and now that we work with the same theme it is so inspiring too!

In my case, there really is no plan. Which may be indicative for the crazy period of the last few months. I just could not find time enough or concentrate well enough to come up with a plan. There were so many shapes and patterns I wanted to use for a scrappy quilt and not being able to decide I just started sewing and made a number of blocks of various patterns, nine-patches, four-patches, flying geese (a favorite!), courthouse steps (another favorite!) …. 

Having made a bunch of each I decided to just sew them into rows and go from there.

So this is where I am at, what to do now? More rows yes or no…. which blocks…?

Mmmmm, I dunno…… so I will just go on this way, working without a plan, just picking up a ruler, a rotary cutter and diving into a pile of scraps….

To be continued J !


10 opmerkingen:

  1. Spannend om zo een quilt te maken! Gewoon maar doen wat je leuk lijkt en kijken wat het wordt! Gaat vast helemaal goed komen want de stofjes zijn natuurlijk super! Hopelijk nu wat rustiger en wat meer tijd voor de featherweight!

  2. Leuk Phyllis, ben dol op dit soort quilts.

  3. Oh dat word MOOI ..............

  4. Jippie, het is gelukkig weer quilttijd, en wat is het mooi!! Een feestje!!

  5. Goed om te horen, dat je weer een beetje tijd hebt voor steekjes. En wat voor steekjes! Een enig project, met scraps als thema, en dan nu al deze geweldige resultaten! Wat je ook verder gaat doen, het wordt zeker supermooi.
    Veel plezier en groetjes van Ageeth.

  6. I'd say you're heading in a good direction even without a plan.

  7. Het is zo leuk om met het machientje bezig te zijn, hè?! ;)

  8. Ziet er heel leuk uit Phyllis. En ook heel gezellig met de machientjes bij elkaar. Ga zo door zou ik zo zeggen :-)

  9. great blocks - love those nine patches.


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