maandag 8 september 2014

First Feathergirls Finish!

Finally, Hubertine and I can reveal the quilts we made for our first Feathergirls project!

And that it took a while was ‘my bad’ as they say, since I really wanted to handquilt my quilt, Hubertine finished her quilt a while ago.
Click here to look at Hubertine’s finished quilt.

And here is mine, tadaaah!


Quilt stats:

Size: 79.5” (202 cm) x 62”  (157 cm)

Block: Jacob’s Ladder, 9”

Quilting: by hand with YLI quilting thread in Ecru

Fabric: 100% cotton

Batting: 100% cotton


Of course my quilt has a name and a label:


I named my quilt after Lucy (click), for the reasons explained on the label. Ever since I found out about quilting blogs and found Lucy’s first blog (click) I loved what I saw there (same as on her second blog (click) ). Her work is beautiful, she takes her inspiration from old quilts, the kind of quilts that would actually be used and I love her fabric choices. What I also admire is that she works so independent of trends and fashions in the quilt world. Her quilt blogs and also her 365 days blogs here (click) and here (click) are a great source of inspiration for me.

So when I saw she gave a workshop at the Sampler in Haarlem a few years ago I jumped at the chance. It was a workshop for beginners on the sewing machine and – having made everything by hand up until then – I really wanted to learn making quilts on the sewing machine, that would be so much faster. I had done a workshop like that before but I after that first one I still did not like working on a machine. So I decided to give it another try.

During Lucy’s workshop we made a Jacob’s Ladder block and even though I made a number of mistakes that day, somehow her workshop gave me the confidence to do patchwork on a sewing machine. After her workshop I made Eline’s Stars (machine patched and partly machine quilted) and found I really enjoyed working on a machine.

So when Hubertine and I decided to make our first quilts on our newly acquired Featherweight machines as the Feathergirls (click) it was only fitting I should use the Jacob’s Ladder block.  I did make it a different size than the block we made during Lucy’s workshop, hers was in cm’s , mine is 9”.


Since this is a combined project, Hubertine and I wanted to photograph our quilts together and last week it was perfect weather to do so:


Fun to see the quilts like this!

We really enjoyed doing this together and as you may know we have each already started our second Feathergirls quilt, here (click)  and here (click).

So onwards and forwards with our second Feathergirls quilts!


21 opmerkingen:

  1. Your quilt is wonderful! I love the harmony of the tunes, and there is nothing more beautiful than a hand quilted quilt!

  2. Leuk dat jullie dit samen hebben opgezet. Ook jouw quilt is erg mooi geworden !

  3. Je quilt is erg mooi geworden Phyllis! En wat een bijzonder label heb je erop genaaid. Ook voor mij was Lucy's blog een fijne ontdekking en bron van inspiratie om dezelfde redenen als jij hier schrijft. Geweldig toch dat je van andere quiltsters hun werk kan genieten via al die mooie blogs!

  4. Ik zag ze al bij Hubertine. Plaatjes zijn het geworden. Van die lekkere gebruiksquilts om onder te kruipen. Veel plezier ervan!

  5. Zo mooi, zo ingetogen en toch zo vrolijk.

  6. beautiful quilt and beautiful fabrics! Lucy is very inspirational to me too!

  7. Adembenemend mooi is hij geworden, jouw versie van het gezamenlijke project! Dat een zo eenvoudig patroon zo'n geweldig eindresultaat kan geven vind ik echt boeiend. Je hebt enorm veel eer van je werk in ieder geval en petje af, dat je hem handgequilt hebt. En nu ga ik eens even bij Lucy rondsnuffelen, want je hebt me wel nieuwsgierig gemaakt.
    Groetjes van Ageeth

  8. Wat een super Jacobs Ladder, direct bovenaan de to do list!
    En leuk met de quilt van Hubertine samen.

  9. Leuk dat je haar naar Lucy genoemd hebt.
    Heb even terug gerold en die van haar was in 2010 alweer.
    Het is er zeker eentje geworden voor mij althans om eens te gaan maken.
    Deze quilt is ee plaatje en zeer mooi door gequilt.


  10. Oh Phyllis, your Jacob's ladder is absolutely perfect!! And I Love Hubertine's too! As you know, I'm a big fan of Lucy, too. I also have a Jacob's ladder in the planning with some fabrics that I have been collecting for a couple of years! You are an inspiration also!!

    Hugs from Texas!

  11. Beide quilts zijn prachtig! Wat heerlijk dat ze af zijn, op naar het nieuwe FW project?

  12. Jouw versie is prachtig geworden! Ik ben blij dat je het zo leuk vindt om
    te patchen op de naaimachine. En wat helemaal top is zijn onze bezoekjes. Vooral de laatste! Wordt vervolgd Phyllis :-)

  13. Those quilts will be a treasure for years! The Jacob's ladder is a great block!

  14. Wat een mooie samenwerking is dit tussen jullie beiden, met een prachtig resultaat. Mooi zeg, om jullie beide quilts bij elkaar te zien.

  15. These are just lovely! So fun to see them side by side too. I very much enjoyed reading about learning machine piecing from Lucy and the story behind your quilt.

  16. Such lovely quilts - they seem to match so well together in the sunshine! I love the quilting too :)

  17. Wat een prachtige Jacobs Ladder, staat ook op mijn wishlist voor ooit! Enig dat jullie samen jullie FW projecten hebben, wat wordt het volgende?

  18. Wat zijn ze leuk geworden! Op naar een volgend project

  19. Your Feathergirls projects are wonderful. Lovely friendship too.
    Your hand quilted quilt is very special - well done!

  20. Wat zijn ze prachtig, en wat gezellig om zoiets samen te doen met zulke mooie resultaten.

  21. Phyllis, thank you so much for your visit and lovely comment over at my place. May I tell you how much I've enjoyed visiting here, too. Your quilting is magnificent. I very much appreciate what you write about not wishing to follow trends!

    Best wishes from New York!


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