woensdag 18 juni 2014

Crafts and food

Two of my favourite things!!

And I got plenty of both the past two weeks.

As mentioned in my previous blogpost I wanted a (hand)project to work on besides the second Featherweight project I am working at with Feathergirl Hubertine and I decided to work some more on Phebe. I have a difficult relationship with this project, I know I will not finish it this time, but working on it now and then for a period is probably the best way for me.

So I got everything out of the box, rearranged the fabrics and started prepping flowers for that (for me problematic……) second applique border.

Also, our bee was invited for the ‘house warming’ of the new premises of The Stitch Cottage, fellow bee member Sandra’s  - now only online  - quiltshop. She plans to be offering mostly BOM’s via her website (love this one!) , we loved her new workspace and hope to enjoy more bee nights there in the future.

Hubertine gave a little show and tell of the Jules blocks she is handquilting, using the big stitch technique

Food wise there was a lot going on, this is the time of year for outdoor events:

First , in one of our favourite neighbourhoods in The Hague, there was the Taste the Neighbourhood (Proef de Wijk) event where local restaurants presented themselves. For a few Euro’s you could try their food:

Spanish paella


Indian food

which was one of our choices

With the weather being so nice it was great to enjoy all these different tastes with other people sitting on the benches in the evening sun.

Also we are lucky, living in one of the suburbs of The Hague it only takes a few minutes by bicycle before we are in a wooded area with farms and fields. On the Whitsun (Pinksteren) Monday morning during such a bike ride there was a surprise: a farmers market!
Lots of stalls with lovely produce

Unfortunately we did not know about this (and had already enjoyed a nice breakfast) else we certainly would have participated in this, a breakfast in the fields where normally the cows graze….

We love going to food markets (and street food) ,we did plan to go to this one last Sunday: Pure Markt in The Hague.

And since we planned this visit we had a small breakfast that morning so we could eat this…. pulled pork from the bbq

Also here, beautiful fruit and vegetables, love those colors!

And this…. was  sooooo delicious!
The stall from the American Baking Company was irresistible, filled with beautiful cakes, cupcakes and pies, I had to have the peach pie, but since I really could not eat anything anymore at the time, it came home with me…..

To be enjoyed later on in the evening, together with more of this…. which is fun to do while watching the World Cup matches.

This was my view from the table enjoying my peach pie and crochet.
Whopper doesn’t seem that interested J !
But I will be back at the table with my crochet in a few hours’ time for the game, hoping our guys in orange win again, just like they did last Friday, wasn’t that just the most spectacular game?!!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Succes met je Phebe! Komt vast goed.
    Next time we'll meet on the Pure Markt!

  2. Leuke en lekkere blogpost, met prachtige en kleurrijke foto's van heerlijke dingen! Die Phebe is ook een veeleisende, bewerkelijke, maar zo beeldschone dame, en je hebt gelijk, dat je er toch zo nu en dan aan werkt. Bij mij ligt zij noodgedwongen ook in de kast, omdat de Mysterie veel meer tijd vraagt dan verwacht, maar ik kan niet wachten om ermee verder te gaan. Fijne avond vanavond, met hopelijk oranje-succes!
    Groetjes van Ageeth

  3. Sounds good to me, working on Phebe for some time and set goalsM

  4. Lekker dat haakwerk voor onder het voetbal (hier ook, lol) en voor als je ff in een dipje zit met Phebe. Het eten ziet er allemaal HEERLIJk uit, ga snel achter de pannen. Fijne wedstrijd, groetjes Else

  5. Great that you're working on gorgeous Phebe again. Maybe this time all will be smooth sailing? It sounds like you live in a lovely area.

  6. Hopelijk heb je weer even de Phebe-flow vast want het is toch zo'n mooie quilt!!!
    Wat zien die broodjes van de boerenmarkt er smakelijk uit. Om nog maar te zwijgen van die tafel vol overheerlijk gebak!

  7. Hopelijk krijg je weer wat inspirati, de quilt is zo mooi. Wat een prachtige quilt ruimte hebben jullie. Het eten ziet er heerlijk uit!

  8. Oeh, lekkere dingen laat je zien. Ik woon op het platteland, maar daar zijn dat soort leuke dingen niet te vinden helaas.
    Phebe vind ik ook moeizaam. Maar eens zal ze af zijn.

  9. I enjoyed reading your last two posts! I hadn't been by in a while. Such a fun time in the food market! Made me hungry!! Your Jacob's ladder quilt is so very lovely! And Texas cookies - made me smile!


  10. Gossie,zo'n blog met al dat lekkere eten moet je niet gaan kijken als je honger [eigenlijk lekkere trek] hebt.
    Voetbal maakt mij niet zo uit.
    Vind het leuk als Nederland weer eens iets wint maar kijken doe ik niet. Je stapeltje Granny's groet goed.


  11. Succes met (weer een stukje van) je Phebe. Bij mij ligt er de applecore die steeds met kleine stukjes vordert. Dat gaat ook een tig jaren project worden ben ik bang. ;-)


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