zaterdag 6 juli 2013

Concerts and things...

Woke up this morning at this time….

Yes you saw it right, 00.55 am… and all because of this:

No I am not going, but hubby is. Together with a few other madmen he is driving to Calais, to take the train to the UK at 05.30 hrs and then they will drive to London, leave the car somewhere and make their way to Hyde Park….
And then after the concert they will to do the same in reverse, so that is a non-stop 36 hour just to see Mick, Keef & Co…. and they will be doing the same for next weekend for the July 13 concert…..
Well, I did get a few hours of sleep after he left, but had an early morning anyway, which was nice, great weather today, lovely early morning walk with Whopper to see loads of our bunny friends…

And finally some time for a blogpost!

Several things have kept me from blogging the past few weeks:

I have had a horrible cold with a bad cough for the past two weeks, it just won’t leave me and together with my pollen allergy it has left me feeling drained of energy;

My computer hasn’t been working well for months and it finally broke down altogether so I was without for a number of days, but with a new hard disk drive I should be back in business now….

Basically I am working on just two projects right now,  Eline’s wonky stars quilt and my crochet granny squares, so not that much to show you, but here you go

I love working with these fabrics


And these are my granny squares so far:


Although I am not joining hubby on this trip to the Stones I did go with him and Eline to the Bruce Springsteen concert two weeks ago which was fantastic! I think it is the 5th time I went to see The Boss and he never disappoints, what a great performer, so much energy and such a nice man…

It started by waiting a few hours, we had a great spot just behind the fences, so once there we could not leave anymore

The Boss came on at 19.30 hrs exactly (such good manners not to keep us waiting),  and did not leave the stage until 22.50 hrs, playing constantly …


We were right underneath the US flag…pictures taken from the big screen, only had my telephone with me so could not take pictures very well.

With Steven van Zandt, another hero of mine, he is great in the E Street band and I loved him in the Soprano’s (my all time favourite tv-series)

At the end of the concert it was pooring down with rain, Bruce stayed out on the catwalk in the rain getting absolutely soaked, same as us, cracking jokes: “It just doesn’t rain enough!” and  “It still doesn’t rain enough!!”
Hence, my nasty cold…..

A few days after the concert I had two fellow quilters over for a day of sewing and chatting, always nice to see Rennie and fellow Feathergirl Hubertine:


Rennie gave me a big bunch of beautiful yellow roses … , they remind me of this  

Ah, Texas…

Just heard from hubby, they are at the Hyde Park venue now, near the front, the weather is great, the crowd huge. Can’t wait to hear the stories tomorrow morning!


Have a lovely and sunny weekend!



13 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the fabrics used in the star quilt. And I love the colors used in your grannies. I just finished a similar afghan. Theyre so fun!

  2. Wow.....wat een nieuws allemaal! En allemaal fleurig, kleurijk, indrukwekkend en in het bijzonder "don't mess with Texas"! Geweldig!!

    ps. dat gedoe met die pc was natuurlijk wel balen!!!

  3. Hello Phyliss, we missed The Boss when he played in our region a few months ago, he drove right though our town!! The tickets were sold out while we were in South Africa, while we were in transit! My husband is I am sure his greatest fan. My daughter has tickets to One Direction and Taylor Swift later this year! Hope your husband has a fantastic time. Your patchwork quilt is stunning, I really love the bright pretty colours, perfect for a teenage girl, and your granny squares are beautiful. Hope your cold is improving. We also suffer terribly with pollen allergies, especially Hannah. Ann

  4. Wat heb je prachtige stofjes voor die sterretjes gebruikt..!

  5. Wat heerlijk dat je naar Bruce bent geweest! Lijkt me geweldig! Wat worden je Granny's mooi door de kleuren die je gebruikt. Ik hoop dat je je inmiddels weer wat beter voelt, beterschap!

  6. Wat geweldig naar de Stones en zelf naar Bruce geweest. Je bent erg druk en laat veel moois zien. Prachtige rozen heb je gekregen.

  7. Wat een verhaal! Ja, de Stones en Bruce Springsteen. Geweldig om mee te maken. Ik hoop dat je weer snel gezond wordt. Zomergroeten van Wilma

  8. Helemaal top natuurlijk. Wat een mazzel zeg. En je quilt in wording verry nice houd ik wel van van die kleurtjes

  9. I love the wonky stars. That was my very first "workshop" quilt with Gwen Marston. I love how you juxtapose the bright star fabric with the muted neutrals - very effective!

    I haven't seen "the boss" in something like 30 years. But you're absolutely right - he totally delivers.

    Bruuuuuuuuuce !!! :-)

  10. Jeetje, wat een onderneming zeg, om de Stones te zien in Londen. Echte fans, zo te horen. En gaaf dat je naar Bruce was. Ik heb zelf niet zoveel met hem (maar ook zeker niets tegen hem!), dus zal zelf niet zo snel gaan, maar hoor van meer mensen om mij heen dat het super was.

  11. Ze hebben het wast en zeker prima naar hun zin gehad, zag een stukje op TV, optreden he?!!! Beterschap nog! Liefs, Daniëlle

  12. Concerts are so fun!
    Love the bunnies from your walk as well as your projects. Wonky stars has a dun variety of fabrics and the crochet is fabulous.
    Sewing time with friends looks like another good time!
    I think we have the same cold! I'm finally feeling human again...
    This is a fun post.

  13. Eline's Stars are great! Love the granny squares too! Enjoy your summer, hope you are feeling better now...


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